Hello Again Blog World

This weekend marks a new start for me in many aspects of my athletic life!  I am sad to be leaving One2Tri from both ae employee and an athlete standpoint but I’m also delighted about what lies ahead for me.

I am thrilled to now be working with Stacey Richardson of Triangle Multisport Coaching!  Stacey and I will be working very closely together to reach my goals – she is hands on, full of life, knowledge, passion, and fire.  Most of all, she’s nurturing, yet bossy and I love it!  Seeing training from a new set of eyes and a new perspective excites me to no end and I’m anxious to see our friendship/coach/athlete relationship develop!

I spent the greater part of this weekend in Chapel Hill in hands on training sessions with Stacey and I feel invigorated and alive once again!  I have found my triathlon-spark again and my fire to want to go hard.  As you can easily see in my recent race results, my performance is continuously, well, lackluster in the water.  Before this weekend, I had essentially succumb to the mindset that “I’m just not a good swimmer and I have to accept that”.  I have spent many days frustrated with my inability to produce even mediocre results in the water and even more frustrated not knowing exactly why my stroke is clearly breaking down.  Meeting with and hearing Stacey tell me “you HAVE what it takes to be a good  swimmer…you don’t suck.  We will work together to make huge improvements” is exactly what I needed.  I have been in desperate need of someone to believe in me and want to spend the necessary time to help me along….and I have met my match!


This year has been a huge adjustment for me because it’s not all about me anymore…and that is good!  Having become a coach, in addition to being an athlete and working full-time, has been one of the most rewarding challenges I have ever taken on.  I learn new and exciting stuff daily from my athletes and am so delighted to them posting PR’s left and right (a shout out to Craig and Dana here!).  The gratification I get from seeing these athletes succeed often times overshadows any success I might be having myself.  Sharing the knowledge and experience I have learned in this sport is also extremely gratifying.  I strive to be, if nothing else, the most supportive and available coach I can be to my athletes.  If I can’t/don’t provide the most “scientific” workout or explanation to my athletes, if nothing else, I can provide real-life experience and advice.  I’ve had plenty of bad races and even more good ones and I hope that I can help my athletes learn from my bad experiences and strive for the same good ones I’ve had in this sport!  I found myself last weekend at Stumpy Creek thinking more about how my athletes and team members and how their race was going than focusing 100% on my own race.  It’s a great feeling, but can certainly be tricky at times!

I have decided to keep a blog because I think it helps me mentally throughout my training, but I am not even certain with who I will share this blog.   I blogged throughout my journey to my first IM in 2009, every single day, every single workout, and I felt it kept me honest and excited.  Though I won’t be blogging about every single workout, I hope to put my thoughts and heart into this blog so that someone, even if only one person, is inspired to make a change in their life in order to see results.  This week has been very hard for me with leaving a company and a coach that has been a big part of my life for quite some time….but I’m certain the change will lead to beautiful things!

Thank you for everything this weekend Stacey!

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