Just in the First Day

So today, July 25th marked my official “first day” with my new coach .  Aside from spending the entire weekend with her, picking her brain and learning countless training tips, tools and ideas from her, Stacey and I spent about 40 minutes on the phone tonight, literally, just “chatting”.

We discussed the McMillian pace guide for my 2-mile LT run test next Tuesday.  We discussed the rest of my schedule for this year.  We discussed more about the ins and outs of my daily life and what my life entails.  We just got to know each other better.  This was not part of my “bi-weekly” consult…it was not part of anything.  It was part of my coach being my buddy, my resource, my friend.  And it’s awesome!

My focus, as Stacey and I have discussed at great length is going to be my limiters.  That is miserable, sometimes.  When improvements are made, it can be extremely rewarding.  My swim is my biggest limiter right now.  Per my chat with Stacey tonight, I’ll be in the water 5 times this week.  That’s a lot.  I have no doubts she will totally push my buttons in the water.  Long 500+ yard test sets, 1000’s at a time.  I can just see it now.

When I’m not swimming, I’ll likely be running, my second biggest limiter.  Funny how that works.  I don’t want my riding to suffer or take a back seat, because I need to use the natural strengths I have, but I also need to be a more well rounded athlete.  I can’t continuously place in the top 33% in the water and expect top 5 results without absolutely killing myself on my bike time and time again.  We all know what happens to triathletes who continuously kill themselves on their bike…50% of the time, their run suffers terribly!  Hence my 2nd limiter!  Sometimes I wonder if I’m really a “good” triathlete at all, seeing as I’m not that good at two of the three sports!  Perhaps I’m just meant to be a bike racer.  That’s yet to be determined.

So, in a nutshell.  Like this weekend, today was again refreshing having an unscheduled, ad-hoc conversation with my coach.  I am looking forward to our weekend in Charlotte together in a couple weeks!  I promise this blog will get more exciting.

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