So if you know me, you know I am never “satisfied”.  If I won my age group at a race, in my mind, I failed because I didn’t place overall.  If I placed 2nd overall, I’ll focus on everything I did “wrong” and wish I’d finished first.

It’s a horrible trait and I realize that!

So…I have spent 2011 focusing on feeling more satisfied….but not content.  My attempt has to been to focus on the improvements I have made vs. everything that I could do better.  Racing my bike has been a great confidence booster, in one regard, because it has allowed me to show my cycling strength and talents.  But the stronger I get on my bike, the more exacerbated the less strong results on my swim (especially) and run.

Slowly (no pun intended) but surely however, my running speed is catching up to my cycling strength.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never be a sub 6:00 min runner but I hope to be closer one day than I am now!  I know my 44:08 10k (7:06/mile pace), albeit on a hilly course, was only the 11th fastest (or slowest?) female run of that day, but I have tried to focus on the fact that it was a 4 min PR from the previous years 10k on the same course!  No, a 21:13 (6:49/mile pace) 5k is nothing worth bragging about, but it’s 1:21 faster than my previous 5k PR….and I’m learning to be satisfied with that!

As I mentioned, Stacey and I will be focusing on my limiters – swimming and running.  As we know, the jury is still out on whether I’m really even a “good” triathlete with TWO limiters, but that’s a blog topic of its own.  So, I will continue to work hard to continue to focus on my speed which will hopefully translate into stronger results.  I realize my “never satisfied” trait is pretty horrible, but it’s also what makes me who I am and that gives me my continuous desire work hard!  Stay tuned for more 2011 PR’s!

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