Wrapping up Week 1

So week one of Chapter two has just closed it’s doors and I must say it’s been an invigorating week!  I have felt more excited for each workout this week than I have in quite some time and have completed each workout spot on as instructed.  And most importantly, it’s been fun again!

I swam five times this week…yes, FIVE.  That’s about as much as I was swimming in 11 or 12 days in Chapter 1 so clearly we are honing in on my limiters.  I swam a 500 meter test set on Thursday after a nice 2000 “warm up” and although the results were not “good” they were :45 seconds faster than my previous test set of this distance.  I have to feel “satisfied” with that (see previous post).  Long course 500 meters took me 9:20 or 1:52 per 100….slow, I know.  However, based on my previous race times of about 2:10-2:15 per 100 meters, its at least a step in the right direction.  Stacey hit the nail on the head with my lack of speed endurance in the water.  I could probably swim 100 meters alllll out in 1:30ish and I can swim forever distance wise, but what I can’t do is swim far and fast.  We’ll get there.  Patience my friend.

In addition to lots of swimming I had a few amazing runs this week and wrapped up Saturday with a long, disorganized, blazing hot century ride – Tour de Orange.  The ride took off in Hillsborough, just about 15 minutes from my parents house and it was nice to go home two weekends in a row with my pups.  The ride was a small given the other events going on this weekend, and the course was so poorly marked we made several wrong turns which was frustrating.  The turn arrows were literally 6″ long and about 3′ before each intersection with some intersections not market at all!  As we know, riding in a pace line at 25-30 mph 4-5″ from the person’s wheel ahead of you and having to cut a sharp turn is dangerous.  So, we spent lots of time turning around.  About 4 miles in to the ride, while turning around from the groups first wrong turn, I found myself on the wheel of two ex-European pro bike racers (team Shacklee)….and I hung there for the rest of the day.  The ride rolled out at a leisurely 17-18mph and it appeared it was going to maintain this pace.  If you know me, you know that’s not my style of riding so I was delighted to have found some guys early on who were ready to push the pace.  I rode with the two racers and one other guy for all but the last 10 miles when (surprisingly) the racers came unglued and fell off hard.  In their defense, it was their longest ride in quite some time but it still made me feel good to be pushing strong nearly 5 hours in to a ride while others were at their limit.

The worst part of my weekend also turned into the best ironically.  After a long hot ride, I locked my keys on the front seat of my car.  CRAP.  I was in a hurry to get back to my parents house as I had to get on the road back to Charlotte to meet a friend who’d been driving all day from NY all day.  So, I walk around the parking lot to find someone who had a wire hanger.  Oddly enough, first guy I asked did!?  No go on that though…hanger was too thick.  So I call mom who calls AAA for me and tells her it’ll be about 30 minutes.  Well, ok, 30 minutes wasn’t too bad but I honestly didn’t have even 30 minutes to wait.  I go inside, grab a quick bite to eat and venture back out to wait for AAA.  As I’m walking to my car, the guy driving the sag vehicle pulls up next to me.  He gets out and is like “someone said you are locked out of your car?  No problem, I’m a locksmith.”  I honestly didn’t believe him at first.  When I was in my car, heading to back to my parents house 5 minutes later, I finally believed him and I felt like he was an angel sent from heaven 🙂  He thought it was a trip when I cheered loudly and told him that when he opened my door.  So, luck was in my favor today and I was thankful, to say the least.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening with my old friend Tim who I’ve known since 6th grade as he drove through Charlotte on his way to Florida.  I haven’t seen him since our 10 year HS reunion in 2008 so it was fun to catch up on each others lives and old times!  We watched the women’s Presby Crit in downtown and saw some pretty inspiring bike racing going on!  Awesome performances by Marianne, Robin and Addy out there in that heat.  Super impressed with those ladies.  I think my 2-3 year goal will be to race that race.  We shall see!

All in all, a great weekend.  Today ended with a short, relaxing 30 minute run with some drill work and I’ll be at the pool for the first time on a weekend in a loooooong time here after the nap that’s on deck!

Week 2 of Chapter 2, oddly enough, involves a 2 mile test set on the track on Tuesday, which, I’m both severely dreading and also very excited/anxious about.  My race teammates Chad and Danielle have agreed/offered to pace me and I’m very thankful for that.  Chad is a 5-something minute mile runner so it will be a breeze for him to pace me at (ideally) 6:30 for mile one and something less than that for mile two depending on what I have in the tank.  These test sets hurt so so bad but, when they go well, can be huge confidence boosters.  Still waiting for that swim-test confidence booster.  🙂

I hope all one or two people who’ve read this far down had a great weekend.  More to come after my test set Tuesday!  Here’s to 2 miles in something less than 13 minutes – I’d even take 12:59!

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