2-mile Test Set – In the Books

So since last week when my schedule was posted, I’ve had in the back of my mind today’s 2-mile test set at the track.  I solicited the two best runners I know, Danielle and Chad Crockford, to pace me through this tough test.  Given I haven’t done much speed training, I’m slow!  But I’m getting faster, and it feels good.  Each run I’ve done this year has been a PR and I’m hoping the rest of the season holds the same, particularly over the longer distances I have coming up!

Today I was instructed to do a 2 mile easy warm up with some movement prep, drills and stretch.  I did one mile around the neighborhoods and one mile around the track doing some strides and walking as recovery.  It was then time for the “dreaded” test!

We lined up and Chad and Danielle were awesome from the get go.  Danielle ran behind me and Chad right next to me which was exactly what I needed.  Having Chad right next to me setting the pace and knowing I couldn’t slow down with Danielle behind me was amazing!  I am so thankful for them.

We headed out at between a 6:15-6:30/mile pace as I told Chad I’d like to be just slightly below 6:30 on the first mile and then give whatever I have left for the 2nd.  Per my Garmin, we ran 2.03 miles with mile one at 6:19 and mile two at 6:14, but I’ve learned that the Garmin and the track don’t speak all that nicely with each other.  So, I estimate on “track terms,” we turned in a 6:25 and a 6:22 for a total of 12:47!  My average heart rate for the set was 175 (166 for first mile and 184 for second) and a max of 190!  I’ve only seen 190 a handful of times so I know I was pushing myself as hard as I could!  And Chad and Danielle were just cruising.  🙂

My goal was sub 13 minutes so it felt good to “shatter” (as Chad put it) my goal…but clearly I still have lots of room for improvement.  I hope to do some good track/speed work in the next couple weeks leading up to Age Group Nationals and hopefully re-test sometime thereafter.  Looks like I’ll be joining Danielle and Chad more regularly on their Tuesday morning track sessions!  I hope they don’t mind the girl sucking wind behind them trying to hang on.  Thanks again guys – must say, glad this one is over!

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