Morning Workouts

So tonight was my 2nd track session of “Chapter 2”.  My goal when planning my days is to get my “tougher” or more quality workout done in the morning if their are two longer workouts on my schedule.  Today I had a track set and some functional strength/core work to do.  9 1/2 times out of 10, I would do the track session in the morning and save my strength to do at lunch or after work, if I didn’t get to do it after the track workout.  This way, if something happens to come up, the more quality of the workouts is done.

That said, I had a hard time getting out of the house this morning.  I was up in plenty of time, but had some catching up to do on emails and coaching stuff this morning, so it was pushing 7:30 by the time I was ready to roll.  So, I opted to do my core session this morning at the gym and save the track session for tonight.  Like expected, my track workout “hung” over my head all day long, knowing I still had a big effort on the docket.  Not ideal!

I’m not sure if I’m more stiff/sore from my A.R.T with my favorite Dr. Greenapple yesterday, or the core/strength work I did this morning, but I felt so awful during my 2-mile warm up.  I’m not used to the heat of the evening either, and though it was only 86 degrees with probably 75% humidity as compared to our standard 100/100%, it was still an adjustment.

Post warm up, I was feeling a little better.  My track set included 8×400’s with strides on the sprints and easy easy jog on the corners.  I then did 8×200’s with walk backs.  A first time for those and I gotta say I liked them!  Usain Bolt’s long lost brother was at the track also doing 200’s with walk backs which was awesome for my ego (insert sarcasm).

Based on my Mcmillan Run Calculator my 200 meter pace should be 38.5 – 42 seconds.  I didn’t check this prior to the set simply so I could see what I could do with no “expectations” and then compare to what I “should” be doing.  Turns out, all of my 200’s fell right in my pace zone, and actually the last 2 were just slightly below my expected pace at 38 seconds!  Maybe having Usain Bolt running 21-22 seconds did help me after all!

My workout turned out to be pretty good after all, but I’m curious to try this set at 6am, and not 6pm, to see how my performance varies at all.  I beat a serious dead horse with my athletes about getting workouts done in the morning and I know they get tired of hearing it.  Tonight is a prime example of why!

Here are a few reasons why I swear by morning workouts:

1.  The weight of the big workout hangs over your head all day

2.  The heat sucks at night, though I did get lucky tonight and it was tolerable.

3.  The wear and tear on your legs all day certainly must have an effect on how fresh your legs are 10 hours later.

4.  Races are in the morning, so why not get that body prepped for that 4:00am alarm at 6:30am gun time?

5.  Working out in the morning also prepares your tummy to operate on one simple meal.  By night time, most people have had breakfast, coffee, snacks, lunch, etc etc.  The chance of something upsetting your stomach by 6pm is much greater than after your simple old breakfast.

6. Very few things can “pop up” in your day at 5:30/6am.  Most bosses aren’t scheduling 5:30am meetings, no friends are begging you to come out for a drink at 5:30am, and that migraine typically hasn’t set in just yet.

7.  You can wind down better at night.  You can spend QT with your significant other (NAP for me about now- hahaha), hang out with your pets and just chill out!

8.  The endorphins really do stay with you all day!

9.  If you wake up and aren’t feeling “into” your workout, at least you have the option to go later in the day.  If you aren’t feeling “into”your workout at 6pm, you’re pretty much out of options.  Looks like a miss on that schedule.  OoooOoOoo….baaad student!  😉

10.  It gets your metabolism going and rocking all day long!    Calories be burning!

So in a nutshell, like computrainers, I swear by morning workouts.  For you non-morning worker-outers, consider setting that alarm for 60-90 minutes earlier tomorrow and see how you do!  You might actually end up liking it, even if this is you for the first week or two.

Happy weekend everyone!  Good luck to everyone racing the Double Down this weekend.  I’m insanely jealous but being a good student and abiding by my coach with strict orders to NOT race.

1 week from today I’ll be climbing in to bed in anticipation of my alarm for Age Group Nationals in Burlington, Vermont!

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