The Countdown Begins

Tonight is Sunday night and the countdown until AG Nationals next Saturday has begun!  I’m super excited for this race!!  It’s the shortest race I’ve ever traveled any distance for.  The combination of being in the cooler weather in Vermont and the reduced stress because the race is shorter, has me all sorts of jazzed up!  Of course I want to do well at the race, so there’s the “stress” of that, but I’m pretty certain I can complete the distance so now its time to let the legs recover and get the mind right  😉

This past few days has pulled me straight out of my comfort zone, yet again!  Stacey seems to have a great way of doing that, in a good way.  Friday evening was my second track session, as I discussed, and I’ll admit, I was pretty pooped Saturday morning.  I rode easy with a client (good work Nicole) on Saturday, but not until 10am. My usual Saturday’s, for oh, the past 3, 4, 5 years, have pretty much always included getting up and doing some sort of hard, long run, ride, workout, yoga, etc.  To not set an alarm and have no real workouts planned for the first time in a long time….was actually kind of nice, but certainly out of my norm!  Later in the day I hit the gym for a while to do my movement prep and core stability routine, which I love.  It’s nice to go to the gym every now and again, vs being out on the roads running alone or riding in groups.  I used to be a bit of a “gym rat” as where I did most of my working out on the treadmills and doing weights and such, before I started this triathlon gig.  It was nice to do something that I once loved…and still do every now and again!

By Sunday, I was ready to be back in the saddle or running or something sweaty and hard  🙂  I’m sore from my Core Performance workouts (great book, BTW if you haven’t seen) but in a good way.  Because of my soreness, I was a little worried about how’d I’d feel on my ride today.  I met a few friends today for a true “tribie” ride vs. my normal road rides that I’ve gotten accustomed to doing on the weekends.  It was nice to arrive at a ride on a TT bike and not get dirty looks.  That’s a whole separate blog topic of its own though!  I digress.  We rode hard today and I’m happy that my legs showed up, for the most part.  It’s good to know that even on tired legs I can still hang with and even drag the boys around 😉  After a nice 2500 swim tonight in place of the OWS I was supposed to do this morning, that wrapped up my weekend of training.

I’m looking forward to the day off completely tomorrow, letting my soreness dissipate and continuing to build excitement to race this weekend.  My swimming has made a little progress since my last race given I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the water and I’m hoping to at least give up the entire race in the water, as I have in my past few.  I’m also really looking forward to a weekend with my bestest friend in the whole world and the most amazing sister ever!  We’ve been so crazy busy lately and on different schedules a lot, so it’ll be so nice to spend 3 whole days with her.  She will surely show all of the other spectators how a real triathlon spectating should be done.  I’m also really looking forward to seeing and racing with one of my cilents, Lauren who I was so lucky to have met at USAT clinic in San Antonio.  We landed right on the treadmill next to each other at our hotel on the night before the clinic started, and spent the rest of the week getting to know each other, learning a ton and having fun!  We’ve kept in great touch since and she’s become a big part of my life in a short amount of time!  I haven’t seen her since USAT clinic and I can’t wait.

Off to sleep.  I’m a huge advocate of lots of it, as demonstrated by the 19 hours of it and the 5 hours worth of napping I performed this weekend.  With a big race on the horizon, there is nothing more important.  I’m very thankful sleep comes easy to me and when I have the time, I try to do it as often as I can.

Sweet dreams blog-readers.

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