An Exciting Announcement

Next year’s bike racing season should bring tons of fun and I couldn’t be more excited for it to get here!!  I have big traithlon goals for next year, but I’m also excited to do some “extra-cirricular” bike racing on the side!

I recently signed on to the Pain Pathways Cycling team for the 2012 season and I am ecstatic to race with a great group of women.  Most heavily weighing on my decision to race for this particular team vs. the others that reached out to me, was my friend and bike racing mentor, Marianne!  She and I have a lot in common and she was a huge factor when it came time to decide who I’d want to race with.  There are a number of reasons I selected this team, but the decision was certainly not an easy one.  I always say though, everything always works out the way it should.

The team has also been flexible with/for me so that I can continue to compete in triathlon.  They have agreed to reduce my required number of races to 10 vs. the 15 required for the team and also to count triathlon as my 5 “other” racing events…which would typically be mountain bike or CX races.  I am very appreciative to say the least!

Having a team out there next season is going to be super fun!  Bike racing is very strategic and having a team to work with is crucial.  I’ve done well so far just being out there alone, due in part because Marianne has been my “ally” in most all races.  I really can’t wait for it to be official.

Here’s to an even busier 2012!  I really do love my life and am so thankful for all these amazing opportunities I have been given.

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