Things This Weekend Included That I Needed Very Bad

Despite it being Sunday night, not having worked out for going on 48 hours and having eaten 3-straight days of stupidly unhealthy food starting with 2 enormous pieces of cake at work Thursday, I realize how badly I needed this weekend and how much healthier my mind is upon return.

Emily, Scott and I road-tripped to Atlanta Friday night after work.  Post college, 4 of our girlfriends moved to Atlanta, so Emily and I spent many many weekends trekking down there…for visits much different than what our weekends now entail.  We had some of the most fun times down there for 4 or 5 years after college having partied enough to fill 10-years worth of time!  But, I can’t say I miss the Sunday car rides home “not feeling so well” (to put it mildly), nor can I say I’m sad that our weekend antics aren’t quite as rowdy as they once were.  It was certainly fun at the time though.  Given Emily is 5 months pregnant and Kristen and Pippin have a 5-week old baby, this trip was definitely very different, but also still really fun at the same time…and so very needed for my sanity.

Such a cute little family

After traffic and a late start Friday, we didn’t get in till after 10.  Kris and Shannon had the most delicious cupcakes from Gigi’s and champagne for my birthday waiting – which was such a great surprise.  The cupcakes, um, let’s just say I had several throughout the weekend.  If you know me, you know my love for cake.


We spent most of the day Saturday drinking, sitting outside and finished up the day with some absolutely hysterical rounds of Catch Phrase.  That game is always one of my favorites – people say the funniest stuff!  My abs are a little sore from laughing today, so perhaps I can’t say I totally took the day off from training.

I’ve said this for years, but the best dynamic about our group of friends is that everyone’s husband’s / fiance’s are all very close too.  No, they didn’t go to college together and don’t necessarily have the history my girlfriends and I have, but they’ve all become a really tight knit group of guys on their own and it’s super cool!  Most people wouldn’t want to take a weekend trip to spend with 3 “couples” and a new born baby as a “wild single girl” (hahah – kidding).  But, given the dynamic of the group, it honestly doesn’t even phase me or cross my mind, nor do I feel like I’m there with couples for one second during the weekend.  I’m “wife #2” to Scott and being Emily is pregnant, my job this weekend was to fill her (very big) shoes and drink / party in true-Emily fashion.  As you may have guessed, I failed miserably, but I believe Scott has forgiven me.  We definitely missed Aubrey and Jason and Lindsay and Adam though and its just never quite the same without everyone.

We spent lots of time on the couch and various beds and chairs relaxing with Sydney  🙂  Any of my friends will tell you, I am beyond drawn to babies.  I love love love them and have no “issues” admitting I absolutely cannot wait to have a couple of my own some day….when that time is right!  Having Emily pregnant, Kris and Pip with 5-week old Syd, having just seen Lindsay and Adam’s 6 month old and 2-year old over labor day, and having another friend (not sure if this friend is public at this point) just starting the “journey” of getting pregnant, babies are ALL around me.  Everywhere you turn, women are pregnant!


I mean, is there anything more adorable than a 5-week old baby??

LOOK at that pout!

Despite my desires for children, I am not “bitter” or “resentful” of my friends for being at this place in their lives.  I am elated to be an Aunt to all these little babies and am excited to watch them grow up and be a part of their lives.  I am excited to teach them about all the crazy races and stuff I do and would love to see, perhaps, one budding triathlete or cyclist among them.  I am in awe at seeing my friends – girls who I’ve known for 12/13/14 years now and their husbands who I am equally as close with – turn into loving and caring parents.  It is really amazing to see how people change and adapt so quickly.

Though eating like crap makes me want to go for a run or do something active, having had an amazing long run Friday before I left, my mind was “at peace” with having Saturday off.  Its nice to “free the mind” and fortunately (sometimes unfortunately) my mind is one that is freed once my training is complete.  Though I can’t obviously be taking drink-all-day-each-like-shit-and-not-workout weekend trips very often, I know I have to in order to stay human.

Seeing my friends just reminds me that even though there are things “missing” in my near-perfect life, I am so very lucky to have them.  Ideally, we would all be in the same city, but given the fact that we’re not, we still do a very very good job at getting together quite often and I have no doubts that will never change. Congrats Kris and Pip, Sydney could not be any more adorable – she will make a great babysitter for my little nuggest some day. 😉  Thank you girls for keeping me sane….even if you don’t realize you’re doing it.

So so sweet to have such a tiny little human

asleep in your arms

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