Phew…Busy Week

I have been asked by two different people this week “where I’ve been” because I haven’t blogged.  I thought that was cute.  It’s been a hell of a week, both coaching/work and “socially”.

I’m happy to report I am two weeks from HalfMax Nationals and one week from Pinehurst Olympic – my last two races of this insane 2011 season.  I’ve had a blast this year which started with the Charlotte Duathlon waay back in March, and have had some awesome results (and a few not so awesome results) but overall, I am very very very (did I say very) ready for this off-season/winter.  I am excited to change up my schedule…lots of yoga, functional strength, Crossfit, pure barre….all sorts of things that don’t include swimming, biking or running….though I’m sure there will be some of that too.  I’m also excited to focus on my athletes this winter and building their bases and strength for next season, while restoring my mental game a bit.

My training has been going well this week, but I can’t lie the weather has put a bit of a damper on my motivation and, unfortunately, my “ability” to get workouts done as originally anticipated.  I originally planned to run long Thursday after teaching spin class, but was honestly so very sleepy, it was pouring rain, and I was pretty sore from a Functional Movement Screen I had on Tuesday night (more on that later) so I decided to postpone for one day.  I got it done today but ended up having to break it in to two runs (6 and 7.3-ish) because of the weather.  When I woke up to do the full 13 at 6:30, it was raining.  I discussed with Stacey and she suggested breaking it into two treadmill sessions, 6 this morning, 7 at night.  The rain broke about 7:45 this morning though so ventured outside to get my first 6 done.  A little over 3 miles in, I was at the furthest point from where I started (started Uptown, was at Queens Road West near East Blvd)…when it started to torrential downpour.  I’m talking downpour.  By the time I was headed up Morehead, my shoes were 2 lbs heavier each (not exaggerating) and the streets were like river rapids.  Heading up Morehead with the water flowing down while practically wearing ankle weights was, needless to say, not that fun.  I had my Ipod on too…which clearly doesn’t like to be drenched.  Expensive run!

At around 2 today the weather actually got really really nice.  I found a break in my workday and finished up a little over 7 miles.  I was so thankful to not have to run on the hamster mill.  I ran 13.3 in just over 1:40 and was happy with that, particularly given how slow my last two miles of the torrential rain run were and how hilly the routes I ran were too.  My goal is to run sub 1:40 at Halfmax and so long as my fueling has gone well, I think is feasible on the flat terrain.  My 1/2 IM PR off my bike is 1:41 and change in 2009 at Augusta, and I wasn’t running as well as I am now.  We’ll see in 2 weeks!

As I mentioned earlier, I had a very detailed Functional Movement Screen on Tuesday after work at Dr. Greenapple’s office with both Dr. G and Dr. Kahn.  It was exactly what I needed. I am now able to hone in my weaknesses this off season in terms of strength and flexibility.  Dr. Kahn video taped the whole assessment also so I can review and provide to Stacey for complete analysis.  There are 7 standard functional movements that are scored in order to benchmark each athlete, but Dr. G had me do 8-10 additional exercises testing various more triathlon-specific movement.  I scored pretty to very well on most all of the movements and I now know exactly what I need to work on.  Thank you very much Dr. G and Dr. Kahn for taking your valuable time out to help me!!

Tomorrow involves a 3 hour ride at more or less 1/2 IM racepace and a 45 min run thereafter.  I’m riding with a great group of guys so I’m excited to get out there and have some fun.  This will be my last super long workout before Pinehurst next Saturday and then recovery/taper begins!

I have three athletes that will be in Pinehurst racing too so the weekend will be a blast!! Good luck to all my athletes racing and covering new distances this weekend in Augusta, at Ramblin’ Roads and the MS 200!  You guys have put in so much time and energy into your training and I have no doubts you will reap the rewards!

“Ride it like you stole it and run like who you stole it from is catching you!”

~ Coach Kim

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