Doesn’t Get More Rewarding

I had to post this from one of my athletes.  It’s words like these that keep me going when life is crazy busy, situations get sticky and I start to question if I can continue to manage it all….

“Thank you so much for being my coach. You have whipped me into shape and gotten me focused. Your plan for me is definitely working! 🙂 I certainly wouldn’t have had a good day today without you. My husband even got a little teary at the finish line, he was so proud! It really was an awesome day!”

Like her husband, I may have gotten a little teary reading her words.  I am so proud of everyone who raced and rode this weekend:

Devon:  MS Ride – 200

Amanda: Ramblin Rose triathlon

April: Belews Lake sprint

Craig:  Augusta Ironman 70.3

Dana:  Augusta Ironman 70.3

Like a huge dork I spent most of today tracking results of all the Charlotte peeps racing Augusta 70.3.  It was bittersweet not being out there since I’ve done that race for the last several years.  But after seeing some very very strong athletes come unglued on the run, perhaps it was better I wasn’t down there in the muggy, humidity.  I’ll get my fun at Half Max in 2 weeks and I’m sure but knowing my luck, a cold front will blast through that weekend and it’ll be 35 degrees as I plunge into the water.  If you know me and my luck, you know I’m not just being “funny”.   

Anywho, this weekend has come to a close and you can put a fork in me.  I ran, biked and swam myself into the ground – I am officially “peaked”.   I didn’t get out of bed until 2pm today other than to graze the refrigerator a bit and, man, it felt so good.  It’s time to recover and taper for these upcoming races and then….CHILL OUT, give my muscles a little TLC (and hopefully a little definition!) and focus on my clients!!!!  🙂 

T-13 days.   

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