Race Recaps

So I am officially 5 days into off season and I’m surviving!!  Since Saturday’s race, I have done exactly 3 hours of enjoyable, non-structured workouts including:  1-hour of Hot Vinyasa yoga, 30 minutes on the elliptical, a 1-hour computrainer class at Uptown this morning, and about 30 minutes of light strength/core work!!  Spread over the course of 5 days, it feels like I’ve done nothing.  Nonetheless, I’ve needed this.  I’ve specifically asked Stacey to have a totally free week to chose what I want to be doing and she’s complied, for the most part ;-).

During the race this weekend I started pondering (while I rode up and down on a desolate, flat, boring highway) why I am so anxious for this break….more so than years prior.  Well that’s just it!  There HASN’T been a break in years prior!!  So I figured a recap of the last few years would help explain just why I’m ready for this off-season….

I did my first sprint triathlon in May 2009 and followed up three weeks later at Over the Mountain Olympic (not the most well-thought out choice for my 2nd triathlon).  Throughout 2009, I did a handful of other local races (Latta, LKN Sprint, Lake Wiley, Lake Logan Olympic, etc).  I did my first 70.3 in September at Augusta and and my first Ironman in November in Arizona.  All within 9 months of having a fractured femur 🙂

This is my first triathlon in Hilton Head in May

2009.  Notice I’m already holding my wetsuit as I

exit the water.  First lesson learned:  don’t attempt to

remove your wetsuit while still standing IN

the ocean as you get slammed by waves.  That

would be what transition is for.

Having had a great first season, I immediately set my sights on qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  I ran the Quintiles Marathon the following March, with 2 half marathons over the winter in preparation.  Shortly thereafter, triathlon season kicked off; throughout 2010, I raced 5 sprints, 3 Olympics, 3 half IM’s, and 2 full IM’s in August and November.  I have no clue how many “organized” century rides, 1/2 marathons, 10k’s, etc I did throughout 2010….I honestly lost count.

This was my exactly one year from my first

triathlon – Rev3 Knoxville 70.3 where I

finished 4th OA.

Immediately after B2B IM last November, I ramped up my running miles in anticipation of Boston in April of this year.  Just 2 months after world’s most disappointing (and painful) marathon, Blood Sweat and Gears Century was staring me in the face.  In preparation for BSG, I did 2 other century rides in May and early June.  All the while, 2011 triathlon season had kicked off long before Boston with a duathlon and a mini-sprint in March (“Cold Breeze”), rolled right on through the summer, and ended this past weekend!  This year, I raced 3 sprints, 3 Olympics, 1 half IM, 3 century rides, 8 bike races, and the infamous Boston Marathon.  It exhausts me just thinking about it.

This was from the Salisbury Crit – my first bike race victory 🙂

When I put it on paper, and actually begin to try to digest what I have done, it certainly is pretty cool.  In a very short time, I have experienced so much in a sport that I am truly so passionate about.  That said, this break will certainly re-ignite my fire for training.  I may have to remind myself daily in the coming weeks that recovery is healthy, but I’m hell-bent on taking it easy – for my mind most importantly.  I’m certain my pants will be start to become a little more snug but I’m going to try my best (aside from eating healthy and trying to avoid it) to be okay with it.  I know in the end I will come out a stronger athlete for 2012 (and my pants will fit again soon)!

What I have decided through lots of discussions with Stacey though is that I’m going to plan to do an early season 2013 IM!  That said, I’ll need to narrow down my selection and register by this coming Spring!  Stay tuned for when I announce my IM destination…

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