Busy Bee

Well, last week was again, “on my own” with no scheduled workouts and included lots of fun and goodness.  But, I will admit, after 2 weeks of no schedule, I’m ready to get back to it.  Though it has been awesome rest for my body physically and even more so mentally, I do start to miss my routine.  The primary reason I have a coach is because I don’t want to have to do the thinking for myself about what is best for me on what day.  Let’s be honest, it’s not brain surgery to train for a triathlon.  But what I love is someone else telling me to rest, go hard, go easy, so I don’t have to be the judge of that. 

Also fueling my desires to get back to training was my meeting with Stacey Sunday morning in Chapel Hill.  After a trip to Carrowinds to ride some roller coasters with my sister Saturday morning (which was a blast!), and a quick 11 mile run from hell, I ventured home Saturday evening to spend some time with my ‘rents and let my doggies have a field day at the lake.  Stacey and I had a great morning together on Sunday going over lots of stuff that we’ve wanted to talk about and I think we laid out a pretty great race schedule for next year!  I will officially post my schedule as soon as the thought of racing again doesn’t make me want to cut a vein. 

My trip home and meeting with Stacey coincided with attending the NCTS banquet on Sunday in Raleigh.  I won the 30-34 age group which is a pretty competitive group of women so I was pleased.  I can’t lie, I hoped for better results overall, but considering this was my first year that included any speed training, I’ll accept what I’ve been able to accomplish.  Most importantly, contrats Jenny and Tom!!  Accolades very much deserved by both of you.  Congratulations to everyone who also had a great season and took home an award (and even those who didn’t)!  The banquet was a nice ending to the season and I was glad I made the trek up there to attend.  I also give the Hilton accolades on their pecan pie. 

Other interesting things in my life are pretty limited.  Coaching has quieted down significantly since the season has ended, which is sad in one regard, but also a breath of fresh air.  Since every waking hour of every single day has not been occupied for the past few weeks, of course I embarked on a living room renovation as well as tackling a to-do list of, literally, 34 things.  These “things” do not icnlude like “go to the grocery store” but rather bigger ticket items such as clean out the gutters and the garage, trim all my hedges, have the carpets cleaned, on and on and on.  Nothing is a “quick” check-off, but I’m plowing through little by little, while also being patient with not being able to do everything in one day.  If you know me, you know this isn’t my strong suit.  My living room has turned out great.  I’ve had the accent wall and trim painted, got a new entertainment center and TV, new blinds, a new rug, pictures and traded out lots of the picture frames and such.  A new couch is on the horizon and I plan to build my own cornice this weekend….which will complete living room overhaul 2011.  

This is a cornice, which is on the
to-do list this weekend
Here’s the Z-gallerie comfy couch I’m planning
to complete my living room with

I’m planning an end of the season party for my athletes and my favorite training friends.  To be held November 17th!  There is so much to celebrate this year; my athletes have completed so many firsts, PR’s, and new accomplishments, that it’s only right to show them how proud I am and how much I appreciate working with them!  I’m so looking forward to a night of good company and cocktails.  

Well, I best get back to that monster to-do list.  Tonight’s project included moving out all of my summer clothes to make room for my winter clothes.  It is such a daunting task to me for some reason, I dread it every season, but  it needs to be done.  Maybe I should just eliminate 1/2 my wardrobe and keep all my clothes in my closet year round to eliminate such daunting task….

That would be no fun!  🙂 

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