Training for Training Camp??

So I learned a few days ago I would be attending a training camp in Tucson in early December and I’m ecstatic! I am delighted to have the opportunity and cannot wait to meet the girls, the coach and everyone out there who made the week happen!

That said, the last few weeks prior to learning of said training camp were pretty mello.  It was rather nice, I must say, but like any type-A triathlete, I itch to train hard again.  Stacey and I “arm wrestle” religiously about her wanting me to “slow down”, and me not really know how to do that.  So the last few weeks have included pretty much one workout per day, lots of swimming, lots of yoga, strength training, some easy running and enjoyable weekend rides.  Awesome!

Well, I have decided I need to step up the next few weeks leading up to this camp.  Even in my best of shape, I’d have little to no shot of competing with any of these women, nonetheless, 6 weeks into “off season”.  My only saving grace is that they, too, have been enjoying the off season as well!  🙂

I’ll be running the Thunder Road 13.1 this weekend with one of my favorite clients and excited to hopefully pace her to a huge PR!  Otherwise, there hasn’t been a ton going on in my world so I haven’t bored you all with my blog updates 🙂

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