Shower, Veteran’s Day Madness and a Good Deed too!

So today stacks up there with one of the busiest and most productive days I’ve had in some time!  I scheduled out my whole day yesterday, as dorky as that sounds, because I had so much to do.  I am hosting an end-of-season party this Thursday for my athletes and good training buddies and I’ve had a lot to do to get ready.


The Girls and Sydney at Em and Scott’s

baby shower last weekend

I was thankful to have today off from work as I was tied up last weekend with friends in town and hosting Emily’s baby shower.  Both the shower and the weekend ended up being wonderful as it always is when all of the girls are together.  I was determined to put aside any worries about things on my own party to-do list and  focus all of my energy on helping to make baby Brax’s shower special for Em and Scott and spending quality time with the girls.  I managed to get my long run in Saturday morning, despite being exhausted from being up later the night before, but I got it done and I was happy about that.  As always, it’s sad for a few days after everyone goes back to their respective cities.  I would love it if everyone lived here in Charlotte…obviously.  🙂

It took me a few days to recover, sleep-wise, from two weekend bedtimes after 1am last week so this week I was pretty unproductive at crossing much of anything off my list.  To add to it, I am going home tomorrow afternoon so that I can attend TriStacey’s end-of-season / launch party tomorrow so today was crucial to get stuff done for next weeks gathering.  I managed a decent swim this morning before the madness began!

Most excitedly, I finally finished my cornice project that I started a few weeks back.   It has taken me nearly 3 weeks to find 2 or 3 free hours to drive to Gastonia to Mary Jo’s and pick up the fabric and materials I needed to complete my project.  That said, I made a point to go today and I finished up my project this evening!  I’m so delighted at how they turned out.  I’m not that creative but I didn’t think building a cornice and covering it in fabric could be all that hard.  Below are some pictures of my finished product.


I added some beading around the border and made the ends a

bit longer for a more special design than just straight across


I have a gold wall and a brown wall so I was excited to find a

fabric that went well with both, as well as my new rug.


I think my new rug and my fabric go great together!


The highlight of my day came as I was heading down to Gastonia for fabric.  I was stopped at the turn light to get on I-85 and there was a man, which there often are, sitting in the median, with a sign that said “Homeless Veteran – will work for food”.  I’m certainly guilty of trying to avoid making eye contact with such panhandlers on any normal day.  Today struck a different cord with me.  I had just been to Target getting things for my party and spent a whole ton of money.  I was on my way to drive 25 minutes in my huge gas-guzzling SUV to buy fabric for $25 a yard to finish a totally unnecessary project at my house, that I live in alone, with heat, all the food I could ask for, dogs that live high on the hog, and flat screen TV’s hanging from multiple walls.  The least I could do for this Veteran was get him something to eat.  I don’t really believe in just giving money to panhandlers, for obvious reasons; however, if this man was truly hungry, he flashed his sign at the right girl on this 11/11/11 Veteran’s Day.  I got out of the turn lane, headed up to Burger King, got him a grilled chicken sandwich, a large french friends, and a large sprite!

When I looped back around to give it to him, he was beyond gracious and thanked me endlessly stating this was his first hot meal in 19 days.  Whether he was or wasn’t a Veteran I’ll never know, but as I handed him his food, I told him that he worked hard enough serving our country to deserve a free meal today and he smiled and thanked me again.  It was very rewarding.

Tomorrow I’ll be running the Thunder Road 1/2 Marathon with one of my favorite clients before heading home with Dawn and Kevin.  Of all the aspects of coaching, I love being there with my athletes and helping them conquer goal times the most.  I’m excited to run with you Devon!  Good luck and CONGRATS.

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