End of Season Gathering

Last night was my 1st annual end of season gathering for my athletes, their spouses and SO’s and my good training friends.  I think everyone had a good time; I know I did!  It was so great having all of my favorite clients and friends (and sister, of course) that I train with in my house all at one time.  My house is really small so I was worried how it would work out, but I don’t think it ended up being a problem.  From what I’ve heard, I think some people even made new friends to train with and I love that!

Prepping for parties is always hectic, especially when they’re on a week night.  I wanted as many people to be able to attend as possible so Thursday night worked out best for that.  All except one local athlete and my two out of towners were able to attend, so I’d say it was a success!

I was so excited to “give back” to my clients who have made my first year at this so awesome and I am now looking forward to it every year!  It’s also nice to chat and hang out without having races on the schedule.  Everyone seems very excited for the 2012 season which is making me antsy too!  I’ve gotten the rest I’ve needed mentally and am ready to get back at it next season.

I decided to make a little something for everyone and I couldn’t think of anything better for this time of year than a holiday ornament.  If you didn’t leave with yours or weren’t able to attend, I have it 🙂

Everyone got a special message on the back too.

Of course I forgot to take pictures the rest of the night.  I’ve gotten horrible at that in my old age.

As I said to everyone last night, thank you guys for making this year so much fun for me!  When I question how I can maintain this insane life I lead, I think about how rewarding it all is at the end of the day and I am able to find the energy and desire to go150mph for another day.  Lots of love to all -CK

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