One Hell of a Weekend

So this was one of my biggest weekends in a while.  I am kinda having flashbacks to Ironman training tonight with how my legs feel, but tomorrow is a day OFF that I’m truly looking forward to!  Camp in Tucson is in 10 days and I’m anticipating the challenge!  I’m actually starting to feel moderately fit again so camp will hopefully just accelerate that. Stacey made a great point that I’ve had to remind myself….

“Training camp is to get fit, not prove to anyone how fit you are”.

How true!  The caliber of girls at camp has made me feel “pressure” to keep up, but in reality, we’re all there for the same reason….to get more fit, have a good time, and be surrounded by other girls with the same interests.  Not to show one another who is the best swimmer, biker or runner.   I’ve felt relieved since talking with Stacey about it.

Nonetheless, yesterday turned out to be an insane (read: awesome) training day, kind of unintentionally.  My day started at 8am with a 60+ mile ride that included 3×15 min efforts (each) with Marianne.  What an awesome ride!  Some BIG efforts and also lots of easy spinning.  It was great – Marianne and I ride very well together which is why I’m so excited for next season!

I then had to hurry to the pool for my 3000+ swim set as I promised myself (and Stacey) I would do since I wasn’t able to get to the pool Friday.  Surprisingly, I swam a 100 yard PR, despite the huge ride!  6×100 all between 1:24 (PR) – 1:26.  A few months ago, 1:30 was a stretch for me, so ALL of my hard work is making HUGE improvements (insert sarcasm).  hahah.  Crazy that hours and hours of time in the pool equates to only a FOUR second improvement on 100 yards, but that’s the nature of the swimming beast.  I realize very few people have the drive or the desire to work as hard as I do for such modest gains, but I am thankful to be the way I am.  I hope this time next year to hopefully be swimming sub 1:20.

THEN…Dawn reminded me Friday that we made plans a few weeks ago to go hiking at Crowders Mountain with the dogs on Saturday afternoon.  The weather was beautiful and I couldn’t resist!  So, she and I packed up immediately as I got home from the pool and made the trek down I-85 to get our hiking on.  We took a trail that we weren’t sure was a loop or an “out and back”.  2.8 miles into our climb, we got to the top and realized it was the latter.  So, 5.6 miles later, we returned to home base…me with some ridiculously tired legs and the dogs with tongues to the ground.

Nearly every other step of our awesome hike yesterday though, I thought about the 90 minute run on my schedule today!  I committed to getting off my legs immediately after the hike and did pretty well chilling out the rest of the evening.  I was asleep at a time that I’m embarrassed to admit being a 31 year old single girl and the fact that it was Saturday night, but it was great 🙂

Jim and I made plans to run today and I was worried to say the least.  An easy pace for him is like 6:40 and, needless to say, that is not an easy pace for me.  Stacey’s goal of this run was base training at about 8:30’s with some accelerations and strides and I warned Jim the run would be super slow for him.  He was awesome to accommodate.  The run was all good….for about the first 3 miles.  Luckily I had Jim there to hang with me and push me along cause I’m 99% sure I would have cut this run short without him.  We stayed slightly below goal pace for the most part and ended up getting a nice 10 miles done in about 1:20.  Pretty much a suffer-fest, but got it done!

And that recaps my weekend in a nutshell.  Post run I met my bestest friend Emily for a late lunch in Birkdale.  It’s always so good to see her and I think I’m as excited as she is to meet baby Brax and be an Aunt again.  That little boy is gonna be very loved…by a lot of people, including his Aunt Kim.

My adorable little Emmie! Due Jan 13th…

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