One week from today….

…I’ll be packed and preparing for my flight to Tucson in the morning!  Look how beautiful!


Perhaps I’m overly excited for a week of intense training (a.k.a. monitored torture) but this will be my first time ever at a specific triathlon training camp and I can’t help but feel excited.  Very few people understand and I’m ok with that.  It reminds me of my summer volleyball camp days for 7 years of my youth and despite being so challenging physically, I always came out a stronger player.

I’m super excited about is meeting/getting to know the other girls and the coaches.  I have heard great things about each and every one involved in this camp and I think it’ll make the trip that much more fun.  I’m also looking forward to new and different workouts, new bike routes, running routes, a change in the weather, a city I’ve never been to…all sorts of new and different experiences!  Oh, and PS, I’m not all that disappointed about our accommodations!


The only workout I’m sure of is our ride up Mt. Lemmon.  I’ve heard a lot about this ride and it’s making me anxious to tackle the 27 mile climb myself!



Otherwise, I have no clue what to expect our time will be spent doing.  I imagine it will include lots of swimming, biking, running, eating, sleeping and repeating.  I plan to spend a little time at the spa  at the resort myself!

After an awesome past weekend of working out, a recovery day today, a solid week of training ahead and a few recovery days early next week, I’ll be ready to rock and roll!  Oh yeah, and trying to manage about 20 work deadlines before I leave!!  As my boss and I always say:  “we always seem to find a way to get it done.”  And it’s true.

On a side note, I’m wishing my athlete Laura well tomorrow as she tackles knee surgery bright and early.  I’m excited for you to get this taken care of now so we can have lots of fun next season together!  Good luck!

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