Tucson Day 2 Wrap Up

Welcome back Tucson Blog followers….

Today, day 2, was even more fun to me than day 1, and day 1 was awesome.  The girls and I are all getting along really well making these workouts and our time here that much more unforgettable.

Today started same time as yesterday with another 4,000 swim set.  Today’s set was much harder and I was glad to hear it was hard for everyone…not just me!  I’m swimming in the “hard workers” lane as Kelly labeled it (Cliff called us the more “moderate paced swimmers” – hahaha) with 5 others and I am fitting in just fine.  Much of my anxiety about this camp came from being in the water with these little fishes but I have been very relieved to know I’m not the girl with the swim-dunce cap on!  Our 5×400’s after a 2000 warm up/drill set really topped off the swim and I was glad to be done.

After a little bit of downtime, we hopped in the cars and took the quick trip to Sobino Canyon, about 2 miles away.  The Canyon is breathtaking – I have lots of pictures but they’re all on my real camera.


All the girls with Cliff and Jim!

The plan was a 75 minute trail run.  There was a nice jog that led us to the trails that we all did together.  Once we got to the trails, we had to decide if we were up for “technical” trail run or just a more moderate surfaced roadway.  Given my lack of trail running experience and the fact that the trail on deck was known to be very technical, I opted for the “less likely to injure myself route” and stuck to the roadway with Melissa.


Headed to the trials!

We ended up having a great run.  What we didn’t truly realize while we were headed out from where we started, is that the trail we chose was pretty much uphill for 4 miles, turn around, then run back downhill for 4 miles.  Our watches were not ticking off paces that were anything to talk about, and we were both working pretty hard, but given we climbed over 1000 feet, I feel better about it.  Much of the climbing was false flat, with some other steep climbs.  We walked some to enjoy the views and took the run at whatever pace we felt like running.  It was perfect!  Turning around and clicking off some much faster miles made us both feel a lot better that we’re not as out of shape as we felt heading up!  All in all, an awesome run in the Canyon.  A few of us opted to run the 2 miles back to the resort which got me nearly 9.5 miles total.  I was pleased with how good my legs felt considering the events of Day 1.

 We then had about 2 more hours to chill before we headed out for our “recovery” ride.  Our recovery ride took on a slightly faster pace than a usual recovery ride and also include the 4 mile climb Melissa and I ran in Sobina earlier today.  One would think on a recovery ride you’d take a 4 mile climb easy but nah, a few of us rode pretty hard, for no real reason other than it was fun!   I have pictures from this climb too but those are also on my real camera.  😦  Our ride ended up being about 25 miles and I would have actually loved to have kept riding.   Being at 3000 feet again, it was nice to feel like myself on my bike again….not gasping for air!

 So day 2 wraps up…we finished tonight with a big dinner with Cliff and a few of the pro racers that Cliff coaches.  We went to a nearby Mexican place and had a blast laughing, talking non-triathlon and even enjoying a cocktail!  Given how amazing day 2 was, I have a feeling they’re only going to get even better from here and by this weekend, I’m not gonna wanna cone home.  Oh wait, I kinda already don’t!

 Until next time….sleep, eat, swim, eat, ride, eat, run, eat, sleep, repeat is on deck for tomorrow!!

 Having a blast in Tucson….

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