Day 3 Tucson…

After day 1 and day 2, I was actually feeling great by day 3.  I knew I could at least “hang” with the girls which was a relief.  I was a little low on sleep but still managing to feel good!  On deck for day 3 was a swim, a 2-3 hour ride and an optional run after.

We started the morning with another great swim set coached by Cliff.  We did a lot of drafting work and swimming on hip/side-by-side which is so perfect for me.  By day 2 and 10,000 yards into swimming, my shoulders and lats were pretty tired by the last set we did – 3 x 300 in pace line with rotating leaders for every 100 but we cooled down shortly thereafter and I had officially survived swimming with the fishies!!

Some of the girls at the pool
A fun under water shot!!

I was getting anxious sitting around in between the swim and the run so I opted to go to the fitness center with Sarah and do some functional stretching and a little bit of core work.  It felt so good to stretch really well and feel strong again.

Our ride a bit later was originally scheduled to head up 8-10 miles up Mt. Lemmon again, but Cliff decided to change that….I was not that disappointed.  We opted for a 40 or so mile ride around Tucson at a moderate pace.  It was nice to feel good on my bike after 3 days of riding and running.

The gang…

I chose to do the optional run by myself after our ride so I could go at my own pace and do some exploring.  I was glad to be alone.  The altitude again really started to get to me and I was hardly able to breath…even while running downhill!  I was disappointed that I was the only one who seemed to feel the altitude.  Nonetheless, I did some walking and some running and enjoyed seeing some of the big houses in and around Ventana Canyon.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and I was loving feeling the sun on my shoulders in December!


Day 3 wrapped up with a road trip to Tempe with the girls for the Run for Sal 5k on Saturday morning.  We had a good time on the 2-hour ride there and shared tons of laughs!

Amie, Sarah and I at dinner on the way to Tempe

Day 3 in the books and time for the Run for Sal!

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