Tucson Day 4 – Run for Sal

We awoke Saturday morning in Tempe bright and early for the Run for Sal 5k.  As I’ve discussed in my blog earlier, Sally was a Duke teammate and good friends with some of the girls who were at camp.  She was tragically killed in Tempe on her bike earlier this year.

Over 1,200 people participated in the first year of the event which just goes to show how much Sally made an impression on those who knew her.  Sally was “eclectic” and sported leopard, hot pink, running skirts, and braids for all her events.  I would say 75% of the people at the race were wearing pink in some fashion – compression socks galore, skirts, braids, all of the above!  So amazing to see.

Some of the girls and I at the Run for Sal 5k

The 5k was a bit of “talking point” between Stacey and I.  She wanted me to go super easy, but knowing the girls there, I knew they would all be racing hard!  I was indecisive as to how I wanted to approach the run.  I opted to let the girls go ahead and run a “moderate” pace.  Nothing too terribly hard, but not totally easy…a compromise with Stacey.  After the 4 mile run to the race site and a 21 and change 5k, I was glad to be done for the day.  My 21 minute 5k hurt much more than it should given the altitude!  I was breathing like a freight-train!  I honestly think I have some sort of altitude induced asthma, if that exists.

I watched Sally’s mom cross the finish line with a few of the girls from camp and I was in tears. I can’t imagine how a mother deals with loss of a child.  Watching Sally’s mom throughout the morning was amazing to me.  She was so well put together despite how hard the day must have been.  I was in awe of her strength.

After the 2 hour drive back to Tucson, I was ready for a long nap before our big night out.  We had a private room rented in the back of a very fancy restaurant in downtown Tucson and it was delicious!!  It was fun to get dressed up with the girls and enjoy some wine and good food.  We also celebrated Amie and Laura’s 31st and 29th birthdays with some amazing cake!

We were all very ready for bed by the time we wrapped up dinner and headed back to the lodge!

The girls and Jim after dinner

Our last day was upon us and we were all pretty bummed to be returning to normal life.  We planned one final TrX workout bright and early with Trainer Trish before we had to head to the airport!  Wanted to make the most of the week!

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