In Memory of Brett

This hangs in my bathroom and I see it everyday.  I took a few extra minutes to take it in when I got home this evening from a crazy day.



Many of you may have heard about the pedestrian who was struck and killed on his way to work this morning on College Street in Uptown Charlotte.  The pedestrian struck was Brett Morgan – a co-worker and friend of my sisters, and a friend and old riding buddy of mine.  A fellow triathlete.  Brett was one of the biggest influences in my pursuit of triathlon and cycling; I did my very first ride ever with him on the Booty Loop in 2005.  He was very supportive of my coaching and my athletic endeavors and I think was the very first person to contact me after I crossed the finish line at IM AZ.

Brett was a humble, kind and “do anything for anyone” kind of guy.  Most recently, my sister stopped at my house to drop off some triathlon note cards Brett had come across and picked up for me.  Just cause.  He was that kind of guy.  He was also a husband and a father to his 18 year old daughter.  This fluke story is nothing short of tragic and what you hope is a bad dream that you will wake up from and it all be over.

What today reminds me of is to slow down and appreciate life.  Stop and smell the roses.  This could happen to any one, at any time, on any day, when its least expected.  It is sad that it takes tragedy to remind us how fragile life is and how much we should enjoy each and every day we are given.  But I am going to take this opportunity to do so.  Love to all my friends, family, clients and blog readers.


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