Today is an ironic day, to say the least.

I have a lot of “things” on my plate right this minute, literally, and I am very torn as to how to approach them.  I need to decide within the next 90 minutes.

Here is the irony of today.  I am supposed to be doing one of my favorite bike rides of the whole year at 10am…the Polar Bear ride.  Its fast, it’s fun, my teammates, friends AND clients are all gonna be there.

At 1 pm today is also the funeral of Brett Morgan, who I blogged about earlier this week.  I was up 1/2 of the night on Thursday debating on if I should miss the ride and attend Brett’s funeral, or go to the visitation after the funeral and after the ride.  After a discussion with my friend Jim, he stated that if I was close to any of his family members, I should attend the funeral 100%.  He also said “what would Brett want you to do?”  And the answer was clear.

Since I did not know Brett’s wife or daughter, and because Brett had such a love for cycling, I thought there was no better way to show my support than DO the Polar Bear ride in memory of Brett, and attend the visitation after.  I also made a “lofty” donation to my sister’s 24 Hours of Booty Loop fundraising, with Brett in mind.  My jersey was ready to go.

Here is where the ironic part of today has come in.  As one family and community mourns the passing of Brett, my best friends Emily and Scott, are on the way to the hospital to welcome Baby Braxton Scott Barzee to the world.  Emily and Scott spent a long time trying to conceive and this day has been a long time coming.  Her due date was yesterday and I had said all day long to myself, I just know Brax is gonna come tomorrow either while I’m out riding or before.  I swear I did!

Well, here we are.  I received a text from Scott at 7am that they were at the hospital.  I can’t really get in touch with him (obviously) to find out just how far along she is.  She could still be 1cm dilated, as she has been for 2 weeks now, or she could be 9 cm dilated and ready to push baby Brax out!  I know Scott will send me an update as needed, but I can’t make my decision without being there and knowing.

After I decided to do the Polar Bear ride in honor of Brett, I was really really looking forward to it.  Seeing his “tribute” on my jersey brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.  However, I’ve been “on this journey” a bit with Emily and Scott and 100% want to be there the moment Brax arrives…which could be in 1 hour, or could be in 24 hours…which is hopefully not the case but it certainly happens to some women.

Decisions decisions.  I will let my blog friends know what I decide after I discuss with some of my level headed friends and sister!!

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