Yoga and Babies!

Today was a great day all around.  Yesterday was a wonderful day because it ended with the birth of Brax, but I can’t lie, the day itself was pretty hectic.  I opted to make today a day of fitness, health and chilling out!

I was supposed to meet with my new swim “coach” Justin, but we had a scheduling snafu as the pool we planned to meet at didn’t open until 1 vs noon as we thought.  PS, why do some YMCA’s in Charlotte open at 12 and others at 1 on Sunday??

Nonetheless, I made my way to the Dowd Y around 12:30 as I certain it was open.  Whether I’d have to wait an hour for a lane was another issue, but luckily I hopped right in.  I had a great swim and actually ticked off a 1000 yard “PR”.  I won’t say the time because the swimmers out there would laugh, but I’m making improvements and that’s what counts!

After my swim I headed straight to my favorite yoga class at Y2 with Tanner.  I was honestly a little bit worried about swim / yoga back to back as the last time I tried that in Tanner’s class I nearly died.  This time went much better.  There is something about yoga that I just love.  Some people in the “community” are under the impression that if you are a triathlete and have limiters in a triathlon-related discipline you should spend all your training time either swimming, biking or running.  I couldn’t disagree more, but that is a discussion for another time.

What yoga provides for me is a strong core, time to work on my balance and fine motor skills, flexibility, and an amazing workout that breaks the monotony of swimming, biking and running.   I have been doing this sport consistently for 3 years now and have not had one single “injury” that has required me to take any time off training.  Yes I have aches and pains but they are all manageable.  I contribute my ability to remain injury-free partially to luck, partially to genetics, partially to just being smart, and a lot of it to yoga!

I also think yoga is great at teaching us “how to suffer”, which is a key factor in endurance sports.  When you’re in your 5th Warrior Two of the class, your quad is on fire, your shoulders are screaming and sweat is dripping off the tip of your nose – do you hold the pose or do you give into the discomfort?  Some days I give in…I 100% admit that.  Other days I am strong.  Other days I can fight the tickling of the sweat, the burning and discomfort and hold my Warrior Two proudly.

After yoga I opted to get outside and enjoy the weather.  It was nearly 60 degrees out, and I’d been inside most of the day.  I took my dogs to the park and ended up doing a 30 min run (pretty much in circles) while they ran around “chasing” me in fear that I was trying to escape the park and leave them, I think.  They were (and still are) worn out and there’s nothing cuter than a sleeping doggie….oh wait, yes there is, a sleeping BABY!

Speaking of babies, I showered up after my run and made my way to the hospital with some treats for Emily and Scott and to get some good Braxy time in!  The hospital is right around the corner which makes it that much easier for me to see him.

One day old 🙂

Hard to argue that there’s many cuter things in this world.

Brax and I snuggled like this for almost 2 hours and then I left Emily and Scott to their night.  They are all doing so well and are the happiest I’ve ever seen them (and they’re pretty happy people).  I am honestly so in love with that little boy already.  I cannot wait to watch him grow up; he is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

Another person I love right now is Martin Luther King – yes for all the great things he did for this country – but most especially this minute, for giving me the day off of work tomorrow!  Tomorrow will include a long run with some pretty tough mile repeats mixed in as well as lunch with one of my greatest friends, Jordan, who is also pregnant!  Surprise surprise!

I have “vowed” to try to start blogging more in 2012, and not just about races, so this is my feeble attempt.  If you would like to hear from me less, well, then don’t read 🙂

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