Swimming and Running

I sure have done a lot of swimming and running lately.  It’s been fun and I do love the challenge of both, though it can be mentally tough at times to focus on your “limiters”.   I’ll refer back to the question I’ve asked before:  am I really a good triathlete if 2 of the 3 sports are my limiters?  The jury remains out on that.

I’ve been working with Justin Andrews, a phenomenal swimmer and great instructor, for the last few weeks to continue to work on my swimming.  Like most “non-swimmers”, I need to continue to work on my “high elbow catch” as well as “getting my hip out of the way” of my propulsion.  The later is an “expression” I’ve never been specifically taught but the concept of it makes complete sense to me and I can feel a huge difference in my stroke/speed when I focus and actually get my hip out of the way.  Justin also took great video of me and I was able to see just how much my elbow drops, despite me feeling like I’m keeping it up.  It’s quite a concept to master and it will certainly take time, but I can feel the change that I need to make which is the first step.   I’m delighted to be working with Justin for the next several weeks – he is great!

I am planning to run Quintiles 1/2 marathon in March and it’s my “A-race” of the early season.  I have a pretty lofty goal in mind that I’m still not 100% sure will be achievable but I will continue to focus and see how it pans out.  I’ve run both the full and the 1/2 on this course in the past 2 years so I’m hoping that works in my favor.

I’ve had some great training runs in the past couple weeks – and definitely one or two not so great.  My most long run included 3 x 1 mile, 2 x 800 and 1 x 400 on the track mixed in.  I’ve done track workouts and long runs galore, but have never the two combined.  Apparently that’s “what the big girls do” according to Stacey.  🙂  It was…interesting…and successful for the most part.   Given my tendency to over-stride with my 34″ long legs when I get tired, I’ve been heavily focusing on my cadence and stride length for the past several weeks.  Given the changes to my stride, I’m engaging a lot more glute, which in turn has caused my muscles to fatigue much more than I’m used to.  A little work on the foam roller, a visit or two to Dr. Greenapple and sitting nightly on my Newdle, and I’m feeling ready for tomorrow’s long run.  I will update on how that goes!

This weekend will be my last calm weekend in a few.  I’ll be heading to cycling camp with my Pain Pathways team next week, to Cali for work for the whole following week, and then to Baltimore as soon as I get back from California to get fitted for my new CUSTOM bike!!   I can hardly wait!!

Have a great weekend blog followers.  🙂


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