Pink Poison

If someone told me that my day would end with a trip to Urgent Care because a strange bright pink liquid from an unidentified capsule in my pocket had squirted me directly in the face/mouth/eyeball, I probably wouldn’t have believed them.  Do you blame me?

Sadly, that is just how today went.  I have no idea what the object was; I wish I had taken a picture.  Just as I’m walking into a meeting with 2 of my bosses, I reach in the pocket of a pair of pants I recently purchased at Ann Taylor to find the pesky little capsule.  Not  knowing what it was, I lift it a bit closer to my face to further examine.  At about the same time, I pinch in just slightly to determine its texture.

Bright Red Explosion.

Eye instantly burns, stings, waters and aches.  I get a drop of it on my tongue and it tastes similar to what you might expect bleach to taste like.  Disgusting.  My eye hurt too much to worry about the taste is my mouth though.

I attempt to power through my meeting with a tissue to control the watering and conceal the mascara that is now smeared all over my face.  I’m an Ironman, I can handle a little random pink poison stuff in my eye.

Not so much.

Drove myself with a tissue on my eye to Urgent Care.  An hour later, they brought me back and flushed it for about 30 minutes with all sorts of saline and such.  Then the doctor suggested I get a patch to protect it.

What do you think? A good look for me?

I replied to the doctor:  “I’m a 30 year old single girl, I just cannot wear an eye patch.”  He actually belly-laughed AND seems he concurred.

Option B was to hang out somewhere dark for a few hours and put a cold compress on it, re-assess how it felt in a few hours, and get the patch if not feeling better.  Option B please.  I ended up taking a nice nap this afternoon which was great after the dogs decided to wake me up 2 times last night.

I think I will pull through this crisis; the redness is nearly gone, and the stinging is only slight.   🙂  Thanks everyone for checking in!

4 Responses to Pink Poison

  1. tristacey says:

    niiice! poor kimmiieee! glad you ok!

  2. vichin says:

    seriously?! that is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in a while. so glad you, and your eyeball, are okay. 🙂

  3. Aprill says:

    Now that you are ok, I can’t help but laugh !!! (with you and not at you with the eye patch image)
    it is just such a far fetch story.

    if you need a joke to cheer you up, i have a great pirate joke.

  4. Laurence Kendrick says:

    Quite stunning actually …

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