Pain Pathways Cycling Camp!

I spent this weekend in Lewisville at cycling camp with my 14 Pain Pathways teammates for the 2012 bike racing season.  It was really really fun!  We shared a lot of laughs, learned a ton, had fun on our bikes, and ate…well, way too much.  Like Tucson, its so refreshing to be surrounded by a group of women who share a passion for the same things I do.  It reminds me that I’m not crazy.  🙂

The weather could not have been better this weekend for the end of January.  We definitely got very lucky.  It was almost 70 degrees on Friday when we rode and ended up being beautiful today after a chilly start!

Robin Farina lead our camp and she did a great job!!   A non-professional cycling team is made up of people of all abilities so it can be difficult as a coach to be sure the planned workouts and rides are geared towards everyone.  We didn’t seem to have any problems!  My team also really really impressed me with how strong everyone is riding and working together so early in the season.

Friday was a 30 or so mile easy spin late in the afternoon after a few of us arrived.  We ended the evening with some awesome Mexican food from our teammate and Sponsor’s restaurant, Don Juan’s!  They now have three locations and this food was DELISH!

Yesterday was spent pace lining for the most part.  It was extremely windy which actually helped us to keep tight in the pace line and protect each other from the wind.  We rode almost 55 miles at a moderate pace and got some great discussion in before the ride and team work in on the road.  It was great to sit and chat with the whole team for a long time and hear everyone’s goals and why they race.  We also got to meet with our Peppers eyewear Sponsor to pick out our team glasses for next year.  I can’t for the life of me find a picture of them on the internet, so I’ll show you the 2nd pair I chose, as my “casual wear”.

Peppers Sabre Polarized Sunglasses - Toys "R" Us

Today was spent discussing our race schedule for next year before we hopped on the bikes and did lots of fun stuff.  We went to a new development and worked on cornering, sprinting and then ended the day on a long, pretty quiet 3-mile stretch doing attacking and counter-attacking.  So fun!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend.  Thank you so much to Lynn and Michael Berry for allowing us to ransack your beautiful home all weekend and for all the food and drinks!  Thanks to Hannah and Marianne for so much fun conversation and great company as always!  So glad to have you both so close by for this coming season!

I’m off to yoga and then bed before I awake bright and early for my 7am flight to California.  One event of my crazy 10 days…check!  I will try to check in from California.

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