4 Days in Cali…1 Day Too Long

After returning home from Cycling Camp on Sunday evening, I unpacked and repacked for my early flight to California. The trip went great…traffic-wise even better than expected. We drove almost 500 miles on Tuesday alone!  One of our properties to see was the Pacific Edge Hotel on Laguna Beach…we ate at the restaurant, enjoyed the warm weather and the views!

I was also able to get a few really great workouts in, surprisingly. I wasn’t exhausted the whole trip which was nice and managed three runs (two short and easy, one hard), a swim at a nearby outdoor pool, a strength session, AND a 90 minute advanced vinyasa class! No complaints here on the workout front.

Hawthorne Pool – just 2 miles from our hotel!

I love to see new places, gyms, pools, yoga studios, etc. I was so excited to try another (non-hot, but still very hard) yoga studio and swim at an outdoor pool. I got a very nice compliment about my stroke at the pool which feels good because I’ve been working very very hard on my swimming!

~ side note – I came home to this today…

USCA Level 1 Certification!

I sent in my test a while back and had been waiting to hear if I passed!

I digress…

We decided to head home a day early (Wednesday vs Thursday) but in addition to the $150 fee to change flights, we would have had to pay the difference in the fees for the 2 days which was expensive!  I wasn’t too terribly disappointed to have a day to tool around California!

So we hopped in the car to do some site seeing.

Likely doesn’t require a caption

Beverly Hills truly was beautiful – other than the traffic!

We spent most of Wednesday in Santa Monica soaking up the sun, eating, shopping and for me, running. We decided to split up for a bit and enjoy some of the shopping Santa Monica has to offer – which is A LOT! I hit a few stores and then decided to save my pennies (because if you know me, you know I “buy”, I don’t “shop”) and enjoy the scenery. I changed quickly in the car and snuck in a quick 4 mile run. How could you not with this view!

Santa Monica – a very active place!!

There are mile and miles of running and biking paths along the water, with tons of “stations” with rings, parallel bars, benches and other “objects” to workout on. People were everywhere! Biking, running, walking, skate boarding, boxing, playing with their dogs….I could definitely see myself fitting in just fine out there 🙂

After a long day of discovering why everyone talks about the LA traffic (took us 2 hours to get from Santa Monica to Hollywood – about 12 miles), we ventured back the hotel about 5:30. Given I’d already run and swam, I opted to take a quick shower and treat myself to a real dinner at the restaurant downstairs. I had some of the best grilled mahi fish taco’s ever and 2 cocktails 🙂

Having been at the airport the day prior dealing with our flights, we decided to change while we were there from the 11:40 am flight, to the 7:30 flight to get back and have some time to unwind before tomorrow. We were at the airport around 6am and through security in a breeze. I peeked at my ticket, gate 4b, grabbed some oatmeal and a smoothie, and headed to my gate. It didn’t feel like I was sitting there very long, but I eventually peeked down at my phone and it said 7:15. I was confused why we weren’t boarding, I went to do some research. As I peeked at the board, I see that my gate is NOT, in fact, gate 4b as it states on my ticket, it’s 10! Luckily (I guess, not really), they were close. I got to my gate by about 7:18 (for a 7:30 flight) but the door was already closed!

I head straight to the USAir attendant and when I tell her my name she states she’s been announcing me for some time. Not in the right area, clearly I didn’t hear the announcements. I literally start begging this lady to let me on the flight – at this point I was READY to be home. She picks up the 1980’s style phone and begins ringing the flight attendants down on the plane…who are not answering. After about 5 minutes, she’s still calling them, to no prevail. At THIS point, she opts to go open the door and walk down the chute to the plane – to find out the door is shut and the cabin is pressurized already…RATHER than having just walked down there immediately as I approached her she opted to waste 5 minutes letting the phone ring! UGH. I was annoyed at myself, and now at her, to say the least.

Long story short, I didn’t get on the flight. I watched my flight take off from the airport, where I was parked for the next 4 hours until the next one to Charlotte. 9 hours later, I arrived home at 8pm tonight. Quite a long day. Lesson learned:

Check the monitor, don’t rely on your ticket!

Which I know, I’ve always know, and always do – I guess I was just brain dead at 6am today. 😦

I’m off tomorrow to Baltimore for the final leg of my 10 day adventure! First stop will be at my parents house so I’ll try to check in! Until then…Happy Friday!

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