Despite not feeling well, I took off for my parents about 4:30 on Friday to spend the night with them before heading to Maryland on Saturday for my bike fitting.  As usual, mom made the most delicious dinner – veggie lasagna!!  Despite being a very picky eater, my mom is such an outstanding cook.

I was able to get a good hard run in at my parents before my 5 hour drive.  I’m hitting paces that I’m not used to hitting during longer run efforts and it’s getting easier and easier!  This weekend I ran just under 7 miles in 50 minutes, felt very strong the whole run!  Miles 5 and 6 were right at 6:50 pace, and with relative easy.  Nailing hard run intervals really does wonders for my psyche!

I was on the road by 9am and to Parvilla by about 1:30.  Stu and I got right to work filling out paperwork, doing some functional screening for balance, flexibility, injury, etc, as it would relate to position on a TT bike.  I was able to meet a customer of Stu’s who just recently took home his custom Guru CR 901 and he was in LOVE with his bike.  Here is an article that discusses Guru and the ins and outs of this particular bike, for those that are interested.

After being hooked to all sorts of cool computers, wands, devices, I was on my way to feeling amazing on this “bike”!   The best thing about Stu is he doesn’t just rely on technology.  He has extensive knowledge of what geometry works and why and  combined with bad-ass technology, to dial these bikes in to a tee!  I would like to say I was “speechless” seeing and using all of this cool technology, but in reality I was too excited about my new bike and babbling like a school girl!

I am requesting a paint scheme that isn’t available on the Guru website but I’m thinking they will customize!  At least I’m hoping.  Final design and color selection to be released when the finished product is received!

The best part about the trip up there is that I thought it was going to be 8-12 weeks to get my bike.  Turns out…only FOUR weeks!  I should have it by the end of March, at the absolute latest, by the time Stu builds it up.  Since I am an avid supporter of Uptown Cycles, and am happy to also support Parvilla (Uptown and Parvilla are friends!), I am ordering all of the Di2 (!!) components, the  Quarq BB-30 crank, and the Zipp wheels from Uptown and having them sent to Stu for build.  I should have my completed bike either in 4-5 weeks or about 7 weeks, depending on when the frame arrives in relation to a trip Stu is taking to Spain in March.  I’m praying it arrives early enough before he leaves!

I got to spend the night with my greatest friend Aubrey who lives only about 25 minutes from Parvilla!  It worked out perfectly.  Aubrey, her husband Jason and I laid low last night after I arrived at nearly 6pm…it was pouring rain/snowing, and freezing cold.  We consumed one too many glasses of wine, had some yummy appetizers, chatted and called it a night.  It was so great to see them though…I always wish Aubrey and I lived closer.

This weekend also offered some bad news.  My sister’s boyfriend’s (Kevin) dad has been fighting cancer for the last 12-18 months.  He lost his battle on Saturday around 3am.  Kevin was at my parents house and was planning to drive to NY on Saturday to say his goodbye’s as his father had taken a turn for the worse last week.  Sadly, he didn’t make it in time.  Cancer is hitting closer and closer to home and I’m having a hard time digesting such sadness it leaves in its wake.  I cannot fathom losing a loved one so quickly.  I am thinking about Kevin and the rest of the McCabe family.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about Colleen and Chris Cummins and sending positive vibes his way.

I am off to bed now.  I am beyond glad my 10 day whirlwind of cycling camp, California and Baltimore are over…but Dawn made a good point tonight.  I need to stop “wishing away” time!  Truth!  I plan to add it to the list of things I need to change or do better, for real!

Lots of other thoughts to blog about…maybe tomorrow.  Sleepy.

One Response to Customization

  1. vichin says:

    So glad you were able to visit…living in different states stinks! love you! aub

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