Cupids Cup 5k and the Upcoming Weekend

Tomorrow marks my first official “race” of the season…though I question on whether I consider a 5k a actual race.  I’ve done the Cupids Cup a  few times now and have improved my time every year!

I’m using it as somewhat of a “test set” for the 2nd year in a row so I can compare my fitness year over year; however, unfortunately I had bronchitis last year and literally coughed the entire run.  So, I’m not sure I can actually consider last year an accurate test of my fitness.  Nonetheless, it was a PR for me at the time with just over 21 min.  Given I ran a 20:38 and a 20:40 off my bike last summer, I’m pretty certain I should be able to go faster tomorrow stand-alone, but we shall see!

I’m excited to run it, but all out 5k’s hurt, no doubt!  I will update tomorrow with how the day goes.  I have to run a few miles before and 5-6 after but the 5k will certainly be the biggest challenge of tomorrows training.

Tomorrow has also turned into one of my busiest coaching days in my “career”.  I have 5 private lessons tomorrow starting at 11am and going all the way through 4:30!  I’m excited though, I truly look forward to when I can work directly with my clients vs. just email and give them workouts in Training Peaks.

Tomorrow evening I’m even more excited about as I get to see that baby Braxton and spend some quality time with him by myself.  I promised Emily and Scott the day he was born that I would give them their first night out together after having Brax and here it is!  Not even realizing, it also happens to be the primary night people are celebrating Valentine’s Day and clearly I have no plans for that, so it all works out perfect!  I haven’t seen the little guy in 2 weeks and I’ so excited to see how much he’s changed and to snuggle with that little peanut.  I’m also hoping to get up there to spend some time with Em and Scott before they take off for dinner.   🙂

Sunday will hopefully be a bit quieter.  I plan to ride with a few friends and clients Sunday morning at the 36th Street ride if they don’t chicken out because of the 30-ish degree temps.  I’ll be there no matter what.  Having been out of town for essentially 10 days straight after cycling camp, I’ve only been on my bike once since at computrainer class at Uptown Cycles on Wednesday.  I miss my bike!  I will ride with my sister later in the day as she tackles her 10 mile training run.  My sister has spent HOURS on end on my mountain bike riding next to me during long marathon training runs.  I love when she trains and I can return the favor.  She’s planning to do the Corporate Cup and a lot of unplanned stuff has come up her schedule over the past few weeks so I’m hoping she’s prepared!

I’m a little sad this weekend as I was supposed to be racing IM Panama 70.3…with like every badass pro triathlete AND Lance Armstrong!  I seriously love Lance Armstrong and so wish I could be out on the race course with him.  TJ Tollakson will also be there, whom I spent some time with in Tucson and it would have been nice to say hi to him.   Hopefully he and Lance will be back next year!

That’s all the ramblings I have for tonight.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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