Surviving Saturday

I’m proud to say I survived Saturday with flying colors 🙂

The day started with the Cupids Cup. I had a really great 1.5 mile warm up with some fast-footed strides so I was ready to roll! The course starts up East Blvd at the entrance to Freedom Park….after the huge climb up East, the course is then flat, down a nice long hill on Dillworth Road, up the nice long hill on Romany (I think that’s the street), left on Euclid, left and flat on East for a while and allllll the way down the big hill on East to the finish! I forgot just how steep and long those two hills are on that course though! Throwing your heart rate to threshold within the first 2-3 minutes of a race is never very comfortable!

The good news is I ran 45 seconds faster than last year with a 20:42 (6:40 pace), which is just 2 seconds shy of a PR from White Lake sprint-pancake-flat run last year. I left the race immediately after I caught my breath and headed back up East Blvd to finish my last 5 miles of my day. I didn’t think that anything over 20 minutes would put in in podium-range. Funny timing though, as I was running back down East Blvd to my car and passing by the race site, I hear “now we’ll announce the 30-34 female age group awards.” I took a listen as I ran by and funny enough, heard my name for 2nd place AG. I ran on in to the awards (literally), grabbed my goods, and ran the last mile and a 1/2 of my run. I also realized I got 6th overall female which was great but I’ll leave out the details of the most gratifying part of this race!

It was nice to be done with my long run by 9:15 and I headed home for some belly-nourishment and a shower. I had booked back, to back, to back, to back, to back (yes, 5) private sessions for the day which got started at 11am. Phfew. I kinda failed to remember when I planned my day that a cycling lesson means I actually have to ride my bike too….after a 10+ mile run including an all out 5k. Oops! But whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

By the end of my 2nd lesson I was ready to be done moving. I scurried to the MCAC to meet lesson #3, which was a client I had never met in person before that was referred to me from a dear friend. She’s a 2nd time mom with a 4 month old whose husband has been deployed in the Army Reserve for the past several months who was looking to lose some weight. She has run a marathon in the past and wants to get into triathlon once her husband is home and her schedule is a bit more “regular”. We’ve been super creative with her workouts as her time away from her house is limited with the 2 little ones. BUT, the best part of my day was when she told me she’d lost 13 lbs in just a few short weeks we’d been working together! I think I might have clapped and jumped a little when she told me….in true ex-cheerleader fashion.

Its hearing stuff like that which reminds me why I love this crazy-busy life that I’ve chosen. It’s beyond gratifying to me to help people in as many ways as I can….whether its simply providing workouts, providing motivation, friendship, knowledge, “psychologist”…whatever I can do! Every client needs something different, my relationship with every athlete is unique and that’s the coolest thing about coaching to me. I digress.

My final swim lesson had to cancel and though I was looking forward to working with a new client, I can’t say I was too sad. I was able to get home earlier than I planned and grabbed an hour long power nap. I could have slept much much longer.

My evening plans were an absolutely perfect ending to the day I had…in Emily and Scott’s cozy house snuggling with this 4-week old peanut!

It was Emily and Scott’s first night out and he did GREAT! He ate, made dirty diapers, slept and laid in his little blanket like a champ! What more could you ask for from a 4 week old!? He’s changed so much in the 2 weeks since I’ve seen him and I hope I don’t have to go 2 weeks very often without holding him.

All in all, Saturday was a huge success!

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