About 2 weeks ago after a long run, I dropped my beloved Garmin 310x on the concrete outside my house.  The screen cracked in the top left.  I was bummed, but cracked screen or not, Garmin seemed to be working like a charm.  That is, until I swam in it.  I didn’t realize the crack had gone all the way through…bad, bad decision.

Now, poor little Garmin is submerged in water, and won’t do much of anything.  I could send it to Garmin for repair (for like $200 I’m sure)….or I can continue to wait on Uptown Cycles to receive my 910x that parents ordered for me for Christmas that I’ve yet to receive.  So…I’ve been trying to be patient, find the Buddah in workouts sans Garmin, but it’s wearing on me.

As I’ve said a million times, I’m a numbers girl.  I pass the time away during long runs by just waiting for the next mile to click off to see my pace.  This is the second time I’ve had to go without a Garmin, and it’s the second time I’ve been reminded just how dependent on that thing I’ve become!  Nonetheless, my new one is supposed to arrive at Uptown Cycles on the 20th and I’m saying a little prayer it does.  Running tonight (and this past weekend, and last week) without, kind of stinks.

That’s all on the whiny front  for tonight.  I’ve had a pretty solid week of workouts after a tough weekend.  I got my longest run for the week done tonight – ran into a friend mid run which was a nice to break for 2 or so miles – and it feels great to have my long one checked of the list for this week!  This weekend is lighter with just a long ride on Saturday and a 1 hour run Sunday.  I’ll likely get in a yoga class Sunday afternoon too, to round out a perfect weekend.  I have so much personal life to catch up on that I’m looking forward to the lighter workout schedule.  Hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish something other than workout, sleep, eat, workout, eat, sleep, Monday.

I had another lesson with Justin last night.  He continues to be a huge help to me and my swimming.  He explains and demonstrates things in such a way that they click.  Last night was a little bit of technique, and a nice little set of 8×50’s on 1:00 followed by 1×100 all out.  +/- :40 on all 8 of the 50’s and around 1:23 on the 100.  Progress.  Slowly.  But surely.

Otherwise, life has been my normal busy self.  I pat myself on the back for managing to catch myself up at work pretty well last week and the earlier part of this week so it’s been nice leaving in the 5’s and not feeling like much is hanging over my head.  Our next quarterly meeting is approaching in mid-March which will throw my whole “quiet at work feeling” into a tailspin but I’m trying to enjoy it for now.  🙂

Oh, and I signed up another athlete today that I’m looking forward to working with.  This guy has his stuff together.  Like, when I say “together”, take your vision of “together” and amp that up by about 1000.  He’s got charts, graphs, Excel files for pretty much every statistic you can imagine regarding his training.  I’m excited for the challenge and the ability to see the changes in someone going from un-coached to coached!

Looking forward to the weekend and I hope you all are too.  Now if only the rain would stay away…I thought I reminded Mother Nature I have a race season coming up but I believe’s she’s forgotten.

Check in soon…CK

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