Beer Cans, Throw Up, Condoms and Mini-Bottles

Yes, you read correctly.  These are the items I encountered on my run this morning.  It must have been a great Saturday night here in Charlotte.  Had I not fallen asleep in the early 9pm hour, I might have known.

Instead, I was up at 8am with 11 solid hours of sleep under my belt.  Solid as in “my-sister-came-to-pick-up-the-dogs-at-10pm-last-night-and-I-didn’t-hear-her-come-in-my-house-or-my-room-or-yell-at-Justice-for-not-wanting-to-get-off-the-bed” solid.  I was out cold, apparently.

Feeling like a new person, I put on my HTFU panties at about 9am and headed out for my 1-hour run in the rain.  It was actually really nice with it misting the whole  time and and happy to have my legs feel strong after this weeks volume!  My set was to run 30 min easy and build to half marathon goal pace for last 30.  Since I’m still “Garmin-less”, it’s difficult to tell exactly what pace I’m running.  I can estimate based on HR and RPE, but no real way to tell since that’s affected by so many things (I probably used the wrong “affect” but I never can get those two straight- don’t hate).  So, I did a 30-minute out and back and my goal was to run back ~1-2 min faster than I ran out.  Nailed it, yay!  3.8 miles out in 30 min (7:54) and back in 28:53 (7:36) for around 7:45 or so average.  Half marathon goal pace is not 7:36 but given the hills and the fact that I had zero way to tell my pace, I’m ok with that.  Oh, and 6 hours of riding yesterday and a short run might have some impact 🙂

The remainder of today includes a swim lesson with Justin, lots of errands around the house and likely dinner at my sisters. I’m looking forward to knocking out this swim lesson and CHILLING out for a bit!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Did anyone do anything worth sharing?  Check in with you Monday!


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