Swimming Update

I’m currently 4 lessons in with my “swim coach” and I must say (and I think he would agree), I’m making progress!  We’ve done 3 lessons with him on deck, and we swam together yesterday for the first time.  At this point, I get it!  I  know what I’m doing “wrong”, I can feel when I’m doing it wrong, I can feel it when I’m doing it right, and I can even correct it when I begin to start doing it wrong again.  I can maintain it for about 100-125 yards.  After that, things start reverting back to “a cardboard box moving through water” again.  But progress is progress and I’m not going to take that away from myself.

The goal of our swim yesterday was a bunch of fast swimming with lots of rest.

After a 700 warm up, we swam:

3×50’s descend 1-3 on 1:00 (goal of the whole set was fast swimming with lots of rest!)

3×100’s descend 1-3 on 2:00

200 with finger-tip paddles and buoy – negative split.

We did the whole set twice.  I swam the last 100 on the 2nd set at 1:20!  My previous “100 PR” is 1:22 so I’m slowly starting to see the seconds tick off.  I’m hoping that helps me survive tomorrow….

Ms. Jenny Leiser and a group of triathletes swim at MCAC every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  I inquired / she invited me a few weeks back and I’ve been hesitant to join….until tomorrow!  I”ll be attending swim at 6am with the “big girls and boys” and I have my usual swim anxiety.  I’m hoping to at least stay on the same 100 they’re on, but there’s no telling.  I’m just going to do the absolute best I can do and enjoy the workout.

Tomorrow afternoon includes a pretty intense track set.  I’ll check in with the details on how it all pans out tomorrow night.

What kind of workouts does everyone else have planned for tomorrow?


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