Swimming with the Big Kids

I realized never provided an update as to if I survived my first swim with the speedsters.

Did I survive? In the literal definition of the word, yep, I’m alive!

Was I able to swim fully swim with the speedsters for most of the main set? Heck no.

I chuckled to myself when I saw the set before jumping in.

500 – WU (“ok”, I thought, “I can swim a 500 warm up”)


1-4 – all gear (paddles, PB and band) on 1:45 (“no problem, I like these intervals, with paddles and a buoy I’m golden”)

5-7 – paddles and PB on 1:40 (“with all this gear I think I can hit 1:40”)

8-9 – paddles only on 1:40 (“BOY the rest of this set gonna be long, I pretty much lose all feel for the water after taking off my paddles”)

10 – swim on 1:35. (“ouch”)

Ok, so I survived this much. All good.

Main Set:

10×200 on 3:00 or 3:10. This is where the chuckling occurred. I’m having a good day if I swim 1 single 100 on long course in 1:30. This equates to about 1:20/1:21 in the short pool, which is my “PR” if you recall. Never mind holding it for 200’s…and actually it’d have to be slightly faster in order to be any rest! However, since neither of us needed a 4000+ set, we opted for only 5×200 and adjusted our interval to a much easier (::insert sarcasm::) 3:20.

When we started I vowed to just do what I could. I could hang on Jonathon’s feet for the first 45 meters. After the wall, I would find myself about 8-10 meters behind (and these guys don’t even flip turn). By the last 50, I was about 30 meters behind. Rather than get to the wall after they’d already taken off and totally screw up the whole rhythm of the lane, I opted to swim continuous 300’s, finish when they had about 75 meters left in their next 200, and join in as they started their next 200.

It all worked out fine and I don’t think I made anyone “mad” per say, which was my main concern. Long course is long enough that it’s not like I was holding people up. But, it certainly accentuated the fact that I’m a snail.

We finished with 10×50 kick with fins on 1:00 and luckily, I’m a better kicker than I am swimmer and could at least keep up with this. If only I could incorporate some of my kicking into my swim!

I was happy to hear from Jenny later that “this was a tough set,” though I’m certain a tough swim for me and a tough swim for her are worlds apart.

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