Massages and Emergen-C

I woke up for computrainer class at Uptown Cycles today at 5:53 (to be exact) and felt like I might be coming down with something. Crap.

I went to class anyway as my mantra when I’m sick (not severely) or feel like I’m getting sick is to keep going and trick my body into thinking I’m not sick. Lucky for me, today was the hardest workout we’ve done in the last 14 or so months we’ve been taking class. The middle of the set included something like a 10 minute block of pyramids which ranged from 100% – 165% of threshold. Followed by another block of pyramids that were not quite as steep, but longer and up to 120% or so of threshold. Oh, yeah, followed by yet another block of intervals (thankfully not pyramids) that included 30 on and 30 off of more ridiculously high percentages of threshold with recovery at 90-100%. I don’t typically recover at threshold 🙂 I did the best I could with the energy I had but definitely spent quite a bit of time at 50 rpms and with my thumb on the “-” on the watts button.

I had a little 15 minute t-run after class and it was done for the workout day. I headed to work feeling out of gas and in need of some Emergen-C, a nap and a day off. Sadly, I got neither. I proceeded to work the day I’d planned. Fortunatley though, I had booked a massage a few days ago with Eva at Bliss of Charlotte (THE best, if you’re in need of a good knowledgeable masseuse for athletes) and put on the work calendar to leave at 3:30. I’ve been running quite a bit lately and things just feel knotty. Dr. Greenapple is out of town for a while and I wasn’t able to see him last week, so I thought a massage this week would be just what the doctor ordered.

And boy was it ever!

I did 90 minutes with Eva and she worked out every tight spot on my whole body…my right hamstring, my right shoulder, my left scapula, my traps, my rectus abdominals, and my glutes! Between the the fascia work, the compression (she literally knelt on my butt/hamstrings driving her knees right into them!), the hot stones, the Newdle and her amazing massaging, I’m a normal human again! At one point I almost dozed off, but it’s too heavenly (and sometimes intense) to sleep so I fought it as best I could.

So its 7:45, I’ve downed finally 2 huge cups of Emergen-C, have taken 2 Advil to hopefully stave off the night sweats I encountered last night (likely a fever breaking) and I’m off to bed. Sleep, hydration and vitamins…the best way (well, the only way) I know to fight a cold! I have a huge weekend ahead (training and non-training) and cannot afford to be sick!

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