Jersey Boys!

This past Saturday night was finally time to celebrate Christmas with my parents. Dawn and I struggle every year to figure out what to get for the two parents who seem to have it all, and who do so much for us! Each year it seems to get harder and harder to think of a GREAT gift for them.

This year we decided to do a family night out in Charlotte. We got 4 tickets to Jersey Boys playing at the Blumenthal and a fancy dinner at Luce! It turned out to be perfect!

The Eagens' girls at Luce

Our dinner was fabulous! We ate too much yummy authentic Italian food, drank great wine and enjoyed each others company….even if Dad did need the “flashlight app”on my iPhone to see the menu in the dark ambiance 🙂

The show was a blast, actually very funny and kept my attention from start to finish. If you know me, you know that says a lot. I didn’t know much about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons before the show nor did I ever really feel like I cared to know, but now that I do, I realize just how interesting their story was. If you are in Charlotte and are looking for a good night out, I highly recommend an evening seeing the show. It’s not inexpensive, but it’s so worth it.

My family...can you tell we're all related?

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. We love you.

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