Power Testing and Saying Goodbye to an Old “Friend”

Today started with a 20 min power test at Uptown Cycles to finish up our last of 10 week class.  We tested in the beginning of the 10 weeks and now at the end to see our progress.  10 weeks ago was a bit of a disappointment as my power had dropped about 10 watts since an earlier test I had done, so I was curious to see how I would feel after a winter of good riding and a lot of run training.

I’m happy to report I tested back where I was…and then some!  My test 10 weeks ago was 249, the one before that was 259 watts and I tested at 262 today.  I am pleased; however, the “perfectionist” in me still has a small amount of disappointment.  🙂  At the 10 minute mark, I was teetering between 265/266 watts and ended at 262 meaning my power was clearly lower on the back half of the test than the first…clearly not the goal.  Regardless, I’m trying to focus on the positive and feel good about the results.  My average watts per kilogram (which is basically power to weight) was 4.1, which was up slightly from 3.9 on the last test and 4.0 previously.  Making progress…slowly!

I squeezed in a 20 minute run on the treadmill before getting ready for work, which has been insane.  We are again smack in the middle of our quarterly portfolio review with deadlines looming, as well as managing a huge influx of new business.  I have a meeting planned next Tuesday with my boss and his boss about the status of communication day.  That is all I will say about work.

Today was bittersweet as well!  I said goodbye tonight to my long time friend Kuota.

One may think I'm waving goodbye to Kuota. That would be fitting. In reality I'm just waiving to a friend who walked in the shop. 🙂

Little Kuota was my first “real bike”.  I had a Specialized that I bought in 2004 so I could use it for marathon cross training.  I rode it exactly 1 time before the MS150 and about 3-4 other times.  After I fractured my leg and ended up registering for Augusta and IMAZ, I bought the Kuota after my first training ride on the  Specialized.  It kind of marks “the start of it all”.  Long story short, it’s basically the only bike I’ve ever owned that I’ve ridden any miles on and its been really good to me!  I’ve had a ton of success on that bike and have honestly never had one issue with it.  It sounds odd but I’m also sentimentally attached to it.  I’ve spent hours upon hours upon hours riding that bike which comes with countless memories…both good and bad!   When I look at it I always think back to my first ride ever on it….and then I also remember puking for over 5 hours riding it in IML’ville.  I remember pulling over on Carmel Road after a 6 hour ride bonking my ass off and shaking so hard I couldn’t ride one more second, and I remember passing one of my biggest competitors in a race on it and never seeing her again.  So many memories!  I’m so excited for Devon to experience her first 70.3 in June and 140.6 next year on it and hopefully she has as much success with it as I have!

That said, I should be able to hold, touch, ride, and come to love Mama Guru  by Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Time is crawling waiting on it but I’m practicing my best patience!  This week has been the hardest since I’ve now shelled out all of the money at this point, but have still yet to lay eyes on it.  I feel like I just took my lots and lots of my hard earned money and tossed it out the window with nothing to hold on to….YET!  Soon though!!!

Otherwise, this weeks training has been slightly lower due to work obligations and trying to rest for the power test this morning.  I did have a great long swim yesterday morning…though “great” is all relative.  🙂  Tomorrow is my last long hard run before my first “A” race of the season – Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Half Martahon on the 18th!  My sister is gonna ride with me tomorrow while I run which is awesome!  I’m getting stoked to race at the beach…

More updates when time permits!  Hope everyone is having a good week!!

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