All Over the Place

Yes, a very appropriate title for this post. I have been exactly that…all over the place! I left off Wednesday having done a power test and working my tail off. The rest of the week proved to be much of the same work stress but I was able to get in my last long run pre-half marathon on Thursday. I did 11 before work with my sister in tow on her bike for fuel and company. I felt very strong and was able to hit my race pace intervals somewhat easily; I feel ready to race at Wrightsville next weekend. I’m not 100% sure of my exact goal but think I have sub 1:35 in me…I just don’t know how “sub” 1:35 that will be. I’ve run Wrightsville the past 2 years – I raced the full marathon it in 2010 and qualified for Boston and paced my sister last year on the half and I’m excited by now to know the course. I’m hoping for a good race!

After knocking out my last long run Thursday, I was in need of a swim Friday morning. Mission failure. Got in the water and could tell in the first 100 yards I just didn’t have it in me. I graciously accepted this fact and swam a whopping 1000 yards before calling it a day. 1000 is better than 0 I suppose. I ended my week with yoga on Friday night and I can’t think of a better ending to a long stressful week. My hips thanked me afterwards, as did my mind.

Saturday began bright and early with the Corporate Cup! Dawn has been training for the past few months for this race and I wanted to run most of the race with her for support. Given I’m 1-week from my first big “a-race” of the season, I didn’t think running the whole 13.1 with her was appropriate. I saw her off at the start and then drove out to mile 4. It was fun being out there cheering as the front people came through and I saw lots of familiar faces looking very strong! By about mile 8, Dawn was starting to have some knee pain but she continued to run. By mile 10 it was pretty bad and we did a little bit of walking (not much) but she kept on pushing. She feels like she “failed” because she had to walk a few times due to her knee pain, but I am still proud of her for finishing. A LOT of people would have quit.

My friends were in town from Atlanta Saturday so I showered up right after the race and headed to Huntersville where they were staying. We pretty much hung out all day drinking mimosas and playing with Brax and little sweet Sydney! I haven’t seen Syd in probably 3 months and she’s gotten SO big and has developed such a fun-loving personality!

Sydney at 7-months old.

Saturday ended with a baby shower for another good friend of mine, Jordan, who is due with her first little girl in April. Yes, my life is surrounded by babies, if you were wondering. It’s bittersweet. Most importantly, it’s exciting and I’m beyond happy for every single one of them. No doubt about that. I do miss the “old times” though. I’m not sure I’ve seen my good friends in about a year where we haven’t spent 95% of the time talking about first, pregnancy, and now, babies. Given I’m not yet at either of those stages in my life despite my desire to be, it’s definitely an adjustment that takes some getting used to. 🙂 But love those little nuggets to pieces!

Changing gears, I’ve officially decided I’m allergic to white wine. Not only did I get sick after dinner with my parents at Luce after drinking white wine a few weeks ago, I was sick most of the night last night after having 2 glasses at the shower (without even thinking). Its the only “control” in both of the nights I have been sick so it will be eliminated from my life starting today. It’s sad because I love a good glass of Pinot Grigio when the weather is warm but I’ll have to find a replacement drink to crave.

Because of my middle of the night sickness, I decided to sleep in and skip the 8am ride I had originally planned to do. I didn’t get out of bed till 10am, took my dogs for a nice long walk, did a ton of much needed yard work and took an hour long nap before I even thought about riding. Given the clocks pushed back last night, I knew I’d have plenty of daylight even if I started at 2 or 3. I ventured out about 2:45 from my house and knocked out the Spencer / Crammer loop! It was a beautiful day to be on my bike, with no ones pace to ride but my own and no ones thoughts but my own. I spent much of this ride “rehearsing” my discussion with my “big” boss on Tuesday and I feel confident going into the meeting. I got home a little after 6 and did a quick 3 mile t-run- my first one of the season – which ended up feeling okay after the first mile. All in all, a great workout today.

It’s 8pm and I think I’m sitting doing nothing for the first time all weekend. Tomorrow starts with some amazing yoga and a little recovery swim at lunch time. T-3 days until our meeting and T-2 days until I meet with my boss. Back in a flash!

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