Still All Over the Place

I’ve been avoiding blogging the past couple days simply because there is so much going on I don’t even know how to condense my thoughts and whereabouts into one appropriate blog post.  I reread my last post and I have never read anything more random.  I don’t think this one will prove to be any more focused.

Since my last post, here is an update on the items I’ve received the most questions about:

My new bike was delayed just slightly.  As the build was coming to completion last Thursday, there was a Di2 part  being installed and it turns out it was faulty.  Stu was on the phone getting part replaced and it promptly arrived at his shop in MD the following day.  Unfortunately for me though, Stu had a week long trip to Spain planned leaving Friday morning.  Given Stu is the best of the best at bike fit and high end builds, I agreed to wait for him to return to put his final touches on everything.  I believe I will have my bike no later than next Tuesday…and I’m hoping Monday!  For real this time.

I got to see one of my best friends, and website extraordinaire, again on Tuesday night (I just saw her in February when I I went to MD to get my bike)!  Aubrey is a teacher and had this week off for Spring break.  Since she hadn’t yet had a chance to meet Braxton, so she hopped in the car last minute on Tuesday and spent the day with Emily while I worked.  The three of us met for dinner Tuesday night and ended up being the last people out of the restaurant at 11:30!  Always so fun to be with Emily and Aubrey at one time – two of my very favorite people in this world.  I was hoping to leave work early Wednesday to get to see her one more time before she left on Thursday but just didn’t work out.

As everyone knows, the weather has been so wonderful here and we were able to sit outside at Vapiano’s and kick back after a very stressful few weeks in the office. After the last white wine debacle, I obviously have decided to forego consumption going forward.  I opted old faithful – vodka, cranberry, splash of soda, and a lime (our favorite Jordan!).   I had two very small drinks, and called it a night by about 7:45.   By 8:30, my feet and fingers were swollen to twice their normal size and my feet were bright red and itchy.  Aside from the swelling in my hands, feet, and legs, I felt fine.  Fortunately, I didn’t end up getting sick like the last few times, but there’s certainly something going on that I’ve got to figure out.  I’m not a big drinker by any stretch of the imagination, however, I really can’t imagine my life as a “non-drinker”.  I definitely look forward to a cocktail or two (and sometimes 3 or 4) on occasion and love nothing more than a drink with a friend over dinner.  I don’t drink every night, nor can I really remember the last time I was truly drunk, but I still enjoy drinks a lot!  I don’t want to give them up!  More to come on that.

As I’ve said, I have my first real race of the season on Sunday.  I’m feeling really good this week and despite slightly lower volume trying to rest my legs for the race, I have had some pretty solid workouts.  I did 4-miles of speedwork on Tuesday and though I could feel lingering fatigue in my legs from the weekend I still held a 6:50 pace which I feel good about (on the hilliest course ever).  For me, 6:50 is well below race pace and I’m hoping race pace feels comfortable given some rested legs.  Getting faster is such hard work!

Other fun stuff on the horizon is my first trip to Nashville the last week of March!  One of my great friends Shannon is getting married in April and we’re headed down for her Bachellorette weekend.  Emily and I talked about taking a trip to Nashville since we moved to Charlotte 10 years ago!  We both love our country music and have heard such great things about Nashville; it will be Emily’s first weekend away from Braxton and I’m certain the old Emily will be out in full force.  Most all of my other great friends will be there too and I can’t wait…I’m certain Monday will not be very fun.

On the New Zealand front, Dawn has done a great job planning out our itinerary and it’s starting to feel more real.  We’ve got plans to visit 5 different cities between NZ and Australia!  We have tons of adventures planned, and also some time to chill out.  It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime and I’m beyond appreciative Dawn is coming, most importantly, and also that has spent the time to work out the details!  A HUGE weight off my shoulders.

Going forward, my plan is to not make blogs about 100 different topics.  I try to stay a bit more focused but that hasn’t seemed possible lately.  Be patient with me blogger friends!

Hope everyone has been enjoying this weather as much as I have.  It was ALL I could do to drag myself to work today with the 75 degree temperatures as I headed out my front door.  And it was all I could do to get myself into the pool tonight when all I wanted to do was run.  Must rest!  Hoping this beautiful weather sticks around for race day!

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