My 24-Hour Hip Injury

I have absolutely no idea what happened to my hip for the last 24 hours but it’s crazy!?!   Only me….

Here’s the background.  I raced Sunday, quads somewhat sore after race, but nothing bad.  Drove home Sunday, all good.  Wake up Monday a little stiff but actually feeling pretty good.  Quads still a little sore from the flat terrain that I’m not used to running but again, manageable.  Swim Monday morning, all good.  Walk 5-6 miles to Birkdale, up and down terrain and given my tight quads I was definitely walking kind of “weird”.  Thinking the walk, though, will be great to get rid of any lingering soreness in my quads.

Get in car to drive home about 5pm and am totally a-okay walking to the car.  Arrive at Trader Joe’s 25 minutes later, get out of car, and literally can hardly stand up my right hip hurts so bad.  Confused, thinking it’ll be gone in a few minutes and maybe its just stiff, I basically hop on one foot through the parking deck, get a cart, lean all my weight on it and do some quick grocery shopping.  I can hardly get my bags into my car because I cannot apply pressure to my right leg.  The pain was so bad it was honestly almost bringing me to tears.  When was the last time you were in pain as an adult that you cried!?!?

Nonetheless, arrive home, maneuver the groceries in the house and put away the bare minimum frozen and refrigerated stuff and leave the rest.  Cannot bear to stand on my leg for one more minute.  Pack an ice bag, take some Advil and hit my bed to avoid any movement for the rest of the night.

Wake up Tuesday morning, 30% improvement.  Still really painful.  Head to the pool to try to “work it out” swimming.  Get out of pool, 50% improvement from Monday, but again, still a 5 pain on a 10 scale.  Not comfortable.  Hobble around work in heals all day, in pretty bad pain.  About 3pm, head down to the YMCA to foam roll and see if I can work it out.  Roll for about 15 minutes, 85% improvement.  Complete a quick upper body band/strength workout and head back to work.

Arrive home about 6, jump on my bike for a quick ride to again, stretch my legs and try to work out the lingering pain.  Arrive home from bike ride about 7:15…95% pain free. 🙂

NO CLUE what I could have tweaked or pulled or aggravated but the good news is I’m about back to normal….24 hours later.  If only all injuries were as quick as stomach bugs!  Thanks everyone for your texts and emails!  It seems I’m gonna pull through.  🙂


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