The Long Awaited Day

As I’m sure most of my friends and followers are aware, the new, long awaited bike arrived Friday morning at Uptown Cycles.  Long awaited doesn’t even begin to describe this bike.

The timeline goes something like this:  I started thinking about a new bike about last October/November.  I had been riding my Kuota for 3 years and given that I’m stepping up my race schedule this year, I figured it was time to step up my bike too.  As I’d posted before, I had my heart set on the Giant Trinity.  Thankfully Chris at Uptown Cycles was able to get one to the shop prior to purchasing it, and ironically, Stu from Parvilla in MD was in town the same weekend.  Stu took some detailed stack and reach measurements and was able to determine that even the Trinity in a Small frame size would be waaaaay to big.

Like the Shiv and many of the new non-UCI legal TT bikes that have recently been released, the Trinity is built with an integrated stem and front end leaving little room for adjustment.  The reach was about 3″ too long for me!   As I continued to get to know and work with Stu throughout the day at Uptown Cycles, I realized just how knowledgeable he was about bikes, bike fit , and specifically traithlon bikes.  After about 6 hours together, we decided a custom bike would be best for me.

BUT, with my crazy schedule, I couldn’t get to MD until early February to get fit on the ReTUL machine.  After that, it took an additional 6 full weeks to make, build and ship.  Which brings us till now, and why waiting nearly 4-5 months for a bike has felt like an eternity.

There she is! Pictures really don't do her beauty justice. 🙂

When I knew I was going to do a custom bike, I knew I’d need to up my budget quite a bit.  I generally decided I would no longer have bike envy, of any sort, when I decided to go custom.  I wanted to “do it right”.  I have said about 50 times, and I’m now putting it here in writing:

This is the LAST time trial bike I will ever buy.

That said, the things I’ve forever been drooling over that I just went ahead and got on my bike include:  1) a power meter, and more recently, the Quarq.  I’ve been wanting to train with power, but have been hesitant of buying a power meter in the wheel feeling like that is too heavy.   2.) For over a year, I’ve coveted Di2 electric components.  It’s so smooth, and I have a feeling in not that long, most bikes will end up having it, so I decided to get ahead of the 8-ball.  3.) Zipp 808’s, well because they’re fast and very sexy 🙂

After picking her up at about 3:00 on Friday, I headed to a quick appointment at 4:00.  By the time I got home, it was pouring rain and I wasn’t able to get my first ride in on her.  The anticipation continued.


So Saturday, despite the rain, I was bound and determined to get out on my new Black Beauty.  My teammate Marianne and I decided to do a 3 hour ride and include some lactic threshold intervals.  The first hour being on the new bike I felt a little nervous (didn’t help that it was raining) and just kind of clumsy.  The front end is much less stiff than my Kuota and adjusting to the Di2 took a little time.  I basically just traded in a Honda for a Maserati and I’d imagine in the car world, it would take some adjusting as well.  Marianne and I rode easy out to where we planned to do our intervals, which thankfully also gave me time to get a little more comfortable on my speed demon (and for the roads to dry out a bit).  By the time I started my intervals, I was feeling like I had been riding my bike for years…except for when descending on a bumpy road.    It will take a few weeks to readjust to that.

The ride was great!  It ended up being beautiful weather for the last 45 minutes or so and I just love riding with Marianne so overall it was a perfect day.  I didn’t feel one ache or pain during the ride and had zero thoughts of “I wish….(my seat was lower, my bars were further, etc)”.  I’m beyond excited to get more and more comfortable on it and look forward to posting some pretty “fast” (it’s all relative) run splits afterwards!  Thanks Marianne for joining me today!

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