Injury Prevention with Dr. Kahn

Post ride today, several of my athletes and I met at the JC Smith track to meet with Dr. Kahn from Greenapple Sports and Wellness and go over some ways to prevent injury in runners and triathletes.  It was so awesome of Dr. Kahn to offer up his time to meet with us.

Devon, CK, Dr. Kahn, Amanda, Nicole, Kendra

We had originally scheduled this for back in February and cancelled because the weather was calling for storms.  It ended up being beautiful that day.  The same thing almost happened again this weekend, but thankfully we decided to keep it scheduled.

Dr. Kahn and my cousin Kristen, who works at Greenapple’s office, took us through a series of 5 progressive exercises to help improve our core, quad, glute strength, both forward and laterally.  As triathletes and runners, we’re constantly moving front to back…very rarely side to side.  Because of this, athletes so often end up out of balance and susceptible to injury.  I had done many of the exercises in my functional assessment with Dr. Greenapple and Dr. Kahn last summer but it was great to go through some new ones and refresh on the old ones.

The progression went something like 10 tuck jumps with a pause in between in the first phase, to 10 double tuck jumps with a pause in between, and by the fifth round, we were doing 10 seconds of double tuck jumps consecutively.  Another example was lateral hops on one foot with a pause in round one and by the fifth phase we progressed to hopping back and forth for 10 seconds without pausing.  It was really great to be there doing the tests/exercises with my athletes for me as an athlete, but also as a coach so I could also see where they need to focus.

Right leg hop, left leg hop, plant.

Dr. Kahn in action.

Between the weather and the company, we really did have a good time and worked pretty hard by the end.  I’ve been receiving “I’m so sore” text messages all day 🙂  Thank you again Dr. Kahn and Kristen for your time yesterday!  If anyone would like to meet to go through some of the movements, please let me know.

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