Happy Wedding Shannon and Mike


Hello fellow blog world.  I am resurfacing after yet another crazy busy week.  I haven’t blogged in so long I don’t even know where I left off and I really can’t even remember what I did last week!

This past weekend, however, I flew to Cleveland bright and early on Friday morning to meet up with all of my bestest friends and watch another one of my greatest friends get hitched!  We arrived very very early Friday morning and spent the day tooling around Cleveland.  Which of course included stopping downtown for a few libations.

After checking into the hotel about 2pm, I decided since we didn’t have much to do until dinner, so I would take a quick nap and then hit the treadmill for a short run.  I was passed out by about 2:45 and when my phone started ringing at 6:15 I almost had a heart attack….I was still dead asleep!  Apparently I was pretty tired.  My friends were awesome and understanding enough to let me get a quick 4 mile run in before dinner and I was appreciative of that.  I always seem to have great runs when I’m in a hurry and this one was one of my best!  Four friends and I had an awesome Italian dinner at a place within walking distance from our hotel and we ended the night next door at a little bar having a few drinks.  I took it very easy Friday though because I knew I had to get a long run done Saturday.

I was asleep by midnight and given my 3 hour nap, I planned to be up at 7:30 or so running by 8.  The girls and I planned to meet for breakfast about 10 am and I knew I’d have no problems getting my 13 miles in by then and still be ready.   Heart attack #2 occurred the next morning when I awoke at 10:15 to my phone ringing yet again!   Now I know I need a lot of rest, and I know I go go go all day, every day, but one thing I make sure of is to get my sleep.  Sad as it is, I’m asleep by no later than 10pm pretty much every night, and most nights, probably earlier.  I have no no idea why I was such a sleepy-head in Cleveland other than my room was a cave and it was chilly, which is perfect sleeping conditions.

Nonetheless, I unfortunately had to skip out on breakfast with the gang to get my run done before the wedding, which we had to leave for just 3 or so hours after I woke up!  The other factor I hadn’t mentioned is it was 40 degrees while we were up there, and pouring rain on Saturday.  I packed tank tops and shorts to run in, which pretty much ruled out any outdoor running.  So, to the treadmill I headed for the next  100 minutes (when you state it in terms of minutes, it doesn’t actually sound that bad).

I had a great run!  As dorky as this sounds, the gym’s hotel had my favorite kind of treadmill and I was excited when I saw it on Friday.  Maybe its just me, but some treadmills make me feel slower than others – maybe something to do with the belts?  Some just feel harder to run on?  I ended up getting in 13.25 miles right at 1:40.  I did a good interval set with some easy running and several miles worth at tempo so I was overall pleased at the pace.  I also did something I never do.  I didn’t eat anything before my run…primarily because I didn’t have anything to eat and the hotel restaurant was closed, but I also thought it would be good training for the 2 halfs I have coming up to run on an empty tummy.  I had a gel before I started and lots of water.  To my surprise, I wasn’t totally bonking 10 miles in.

I’m certain anyone reading this who knows anything about training and know that I’m doing While Lake 70.3 in 6 days is wondering why on earth I would be running 13 miles 7 days prior.  Yes, a valid concern.  I’ve been traveling a TON lately.  I haven’t had time for very much distance training.  My last long ride was literally March 26th (thank you Training Peaks for that knowledge).  I’ve gotten some decent run miles in but not 70.3 run miles.  And certainly not 70.3 riding miles.  As much as I know it was too close to the race to run that far, the mental factor of having at least one good long run pre-race outweighed my ability to recover from the run in a shorter than desired time.  I do plan to go and race as hard as I can this weekend (I would never say a race was “just a training day”), but I’m treating this race as truly more of a “tune up” for Eagleman for me.  I’m 100% certain I can swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 and run 13.1.  How it will feel to piece that all together when I haven’t done much of that lately will be the key element and I hope to “not suck” that bad.  🙂

Off my soap box, I finished up running and stretching at 12:45 and had to be in the lobby ready for the wedding at 1:15.  Being able to get ready quick is one of the things I am most thankful about in my life, honestly.  I was ready in no time and we were headed to the wedding.

No one ran from the alter, the ceremony wrapped up in just over an hour and we headed to the reception.  I had a blast!  My toes hurt a bit from my run, but after several cocktails, nothing hurt 🙂  We danced our little butts off and had a great time doing it.

We had a later flight on Sunday so we killed some time eating around Cleveland and boogied to the airport.  We were home by about 6:00 and I immediately changed and hopped on my bike.  It was beautiful out, particularly after the 40 degree weather in Cleveland all weekend, and I knew a ride would be just what I needed to snap out of my tired, not-feeling-that-well, grumpy mood.  And I was right!  I had a great ride, 33 or so  miles solo around the Booty Loop just reflecting on the weekend, taking in all the people walking dogs, running, riding, eating outside, and enjoying the Carolina sun.  It was one of my favorite Booty Loop rides ever.

I do come home from this weekend so happy for my friends Shannon and Mike, but also somewhat “shell-shocked” that Shannon is the last of my “college girlfriends” to get married…well, besides me.  It definitely struck me harder than I thought this weekend.  Being surrounded by the love between my friends, their husbands and now, their babies, is something I hope dearly to have one day.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to love the life I have at this moment 🙂  All in all, it was a great weekend of training and fun!  Congrats Shannon and Mike – Love you guys!

The Elizabeth 6-mile 8k


For the past 5 -6 years I’ve run the Elizabeth 8k as it’s right in my neighborhood.  I love this race, but I realize year after year, that the course is pretty challenging.  There are a lot of long gradual uphills, but it’s nice to have the long gradual downhills to compliment.  There is one pretty big climb also, which never fails to kick my tail.

My friend Devon and I met at my house and did a nice easy 2 mile jog to the race site.  I was feeling really thirsty and dehydrated so I was curious how this race might go.  We were through packet pickup and ready to run in no time.  As I was lining up at the start, I noticed none of the “well-known” super-fast female runners were around and wondered how I might fare given the less competitive field.

The gun went off and I fell right into 2nd place behind a girl I believe whose name was Blair.  I was feeling pretty good through mile 1 and 2, ticking off at 6:50 and 6:53….my threshold pace.  Between mile 1-2 a girl came flying by me at a pace I wouldn’t dare to match, and I just let her go.  She was likely hitting low 6’s, and I’m just not there yet.  I knew she would go on to win.

Blair was was in my sites the whole time, though pulling away a tiny bit with each mile.  The biggest hill was right around mile 3 but I ran strong and saw 7:11 tick off.  A bit above my goal pace, but I was ok with that.  Given the lead female had tagged along with the male pace group up front, the bike pacer (who will remain nameless), was pacing alongside Blair who was about 45 sec ahead of me at this point.  Nearing mile 4, we headed out for what should be the final downhill, to loop around for the final gradual uphill to the finish.  I was very ready to be done at this point.  However, the bike pacer took a right and headed back to the big hill again, when we were supposed to be going left to loop to the finish.  I knew we were not going the right way, but I was red-lining effort wise, and you don’t always make good decisions when you’re body is in physical distress.  So I followed them.  Why, I don’t know.  There were about 6-7 of us that followed suit, including Blair.

We were over a mile from the finish when I looked at my watch at 4.97 miles…the distance of an 8k.  Looking back on my splits, I ran a 35:05.  There’s no telling if another girl would have passed me before the finish, but I was in 3rd the whole race prior.  Nonetheless, I saw my sister as I came up the big hill the 2nd time (which was only supposed to have been run once) and she was seriously confused.  At that point, I was over 5.5 miles into a 4.97 mile race….she should have been confused!

I made my way to the finish ticking off my last mile, despite being totally wiped out, at a 7:18.  The most difficult part for me was the mental challenge.   I’ve made it very clear that running “fast” is not easy for me.  My AVERAGE heart rate for this run was 175!  That’s not a comfortable place to be for very long.  Despite the physical pain, the mental challenge of preparing to run 4.97 miles “all-out”, and then having to run 6 was tough!  I knew the neighborhood too, and I knew how far I was from the finish and it was disheartening, to say the least.  Luckily, I’m someone who is physically capable of running 6 miles.  For someone who might be doing this as their first race beyond a 5k, for example, the overshot on the course could have been much worse.  So if it was anyone, I’m glad it was me….I needed a longer run anyway 🙂  I got in 6 total miles in 43 and change after a 2+ mile warm up , which includes some stopping to wait for Dawn to come around the corner.  In a nutshell, I feel disappointed with how the day panned out, but shit happens and I can laugh about it now.

Though I did want to beat up said nameless bike pacer after the race 🙂

The day finished with serious party preparation around my house for a fun gathering at night.  Lots of people stopped in throughout the day, which was so nice!  A lot of people were out of town racing and at different parties around, but it was still a fun time.  Thanks everyone who came by!

Noda Grand Prix


So Sunday wrapped up my week-o-racing. I woke up feeling a little dehydrated but all in all, pretty good after Belews. One thing I’m thankful for is that I do recovery quickly and I was especially thankful for that this week/weekend.

This weekend was the first (hopefully annual) Noda Grand Prix. The event was put on by two riding buddies of mine and there was no way I couln’t race with it being 3 miles from my house! The women’s Pro/1/2 race was at 11:15 so I rode over to the race site to watch my teammates in action. It was a pretty “interesting” race but nothing terribly exciting. The race was supposed to start at 11:15 and I arrived just before 11, but they ended up being about 30 minutes behind schedule. So the morning included a lot more time on my legs waiting around than I anticipated but I rode home right after the P/1/2 race, ate a good lunch and opted for a nap before my race around 5pm.

I woke up from my nap feeling excited to go hard!  We had 4 Pain Pathways teammates in the race which was great. Lauren and I planned to go pretty hard from the start to see what we could do to shake a large part of the field. I got to the start line a little later than I should have and ended up having to line up 2nd row back, not ideal. I was right behind Lauen and figured we could still execute our plan, and we could of, but I totally dropped the ball in that department. I slipped getting clipped in and it took me 2 tries, which is WAY too long in a bike race, especially when you plan to attack from the start.

Nonetheless, Lauren got clipped in and was hauling bootie in an instant. It was all I could do just to get myself back into racing position after my clip in mishap, nevermind off the front! By the end of the first lap, Lauren and 2 or 3 other girls had established a pretty nice little break as I was working to get back into position.

By lap 2, I was back in action and ready to race. Knowing Lauren was up front in the break, it was our teams job to try to control the field and keep them from chasing the break. I will say I covered most all attacks and did a good job of that. Hajji was right there too riding REALLY strong and taking the lead for a little here and there. The other big team present in the race needed to get organized and start a rotating paceline to try to catch the break, but they didn’t seem to be doing that. About 3 laps in, Lauren had dropped the two girls in the break with her and she was out solo. Now, more than ever, it was more imporant for me to control the field and keep Lauren off the front. It was nice having to slow the field 🙂

Attack after individual attack was launched but we managed to keep the field together with about 8 of us. I was listening to the splits for Lauren go from 10, to 15, to 10, to 5, to 10, to 20 seconds lap after lap as we tried to slow the field. With just over 2 laps to go, I had a little gusto and decided to launch my first/only attack of the day. Luckily, my timing was just right as we had all just chased an attack and it seemed as though no one had much to react to mine. I was off the front pretty quickly and from there on out, it was an all out time trial for the last 2 laps to be sure not to be caught by the field.

Marianne said it looks like I'm smiling. I think dying is more appropriate

I was able to stay away for 2nd place, and Lauren was off the front in 1st. Hajji was able to sprint to a 3rd place finish in the field so it ended as a Pain Pathways 1/2/3 podium sweep! In my opinion, a perfectly executed race!

This was by FAR the most fun I’ve ever had in a 3/4 race; it was the same intensity as many of the Cat 1/2/3 races I’ve done and it was a great learning experience. It was fun to actually go head to head as the other girls were riding really strong!  But it’s always fun to win (or come in 2nd and my team to win) 🙂

I submitted for my Cat 3 upgrade today and I’m hoping it’s approved! I’m assured there’s no reason it won’t be as I have the points as well as the finishes, but I guess ya just never know!

Belews Lake Olypmic


As I sit here trying to rest my legs for the third of three races in 5 days, I’ll provide a quick update on how my first triathlon of the season went yesterday. I will give my race a B+ rating.

As I had mentioned, I had a lot of anxiety coming into this race. It was not only my first race of the season, but also my first race as an “open female” (a.k.a. “elite” here in Charlotte). To me, registering for the open division says to the world “I think I’m pretty good”. With that comes pressure. Maybe it shouldn’t, maybe it should, but whether it should or not, for me it does. My goals of yesterday were, as they are for every race, try to pull out a not-the-worst-in-the-world-swim, do my thing on my bike, and have a top 10-ish run split. Maybe after a winter of training, my goals would change, but oddly enough, they haven’t. I’m hoping at some point, I can revise my swim goals, but I’m far too honest with myself to do so now…that would lead to a season of serious disappointment!


27:18 – 36/128

Maybe for the first time in my life, I can report a “good” swim!! I didn’t break any lightspeed records (probably never will) but I sighted well, I swam straight, I drafted a little, I swam with both my right and my left arm (thanks Justin!), I swam “hard” and I overall felt pretty good. My left shoulder bothered me for the first 400 or so, no clue what that was, but it went away quickly. I loved the time trial start of this race as it eliminated my “fears” of racing open in which the gun goes off and the entire elite field swims miles ahead of me and I exit the water 5 minutes behind the pack with the crowd booing. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating with the booing, but my biggest hesitation of changing categories was obviously the swim – particularly the exit. So this was a good ice breaker into what I’m sure will happen at every race to come.

T1: 1:30 – 14/128

Terrible. Like every racer has their stories, wetsuit wouldn’t come over massive Garmin, then wouldn’t come over timing ankle strap, blah blah. Had to sit down, which is like rule #1 “do not do”. Slow as crap, but welcome to your first triathlon of the year when you don’t do any “run throughs” before the race.

Bike: 1:14:26 – 3/128

The name of this weeks bike rides for me in wind! Today headwind was rocking strong. I rode as hard as I felt my legs would allow, but they never had “5th gear”. I did what I could, would have liked to have felt better but I didn’t. About halfway through, my bento box came unstrapped and flipped over nearly dumping out all of my race fuel. I had to pull over to manage that situation in a jiffy. I need to figure out where I’ll be storing my race fuel in future races. My one piece doesn’t have any pockets on it, and my current bento boxes don’t fit correctly around the stem of my new bike. It was hanging by a thread the whole race and one big bump would have popped it off again. I stuffed all my gels in my kit and just left it empty. Considering I rigged it that morning, it was poor planning on my part and the result was having to pull over and sacrifice precious race time. But that’s what you get for being me. 🙂

T2: 1:25 – 50/128

If T1 got a horrible rating from me, this one gets a something-worse-than-horrible rating. Poor planning gets me again. The socks I selected were a bit too thick for my racing flats and the result was that I could hardly get my shoe on. Had to sit down once again. Got up and headed out to run, forgot my “emergency gel”. Given how my legs were feeling on the bike, I thought I truly might need my emergency gel and ran back to grab it. Time spent, 5-10 seconds. Everyone has their story though.

Run: 45:27 – 10/126 or 127

Well, this run started off good. After my legs finally realized that yes, indeed, I was going to require them to now run for 45 someodd minutes, they began to cooperate. The 1/2 mile coming out of transition pretty much sucked. Looooong steep at first, then gradual hill until the first turn kept my HR hovering right about 186, right where I feel REALLY uncomfortable. I passed a younger guy a bit before the first turn and I don’t know if he was saying it to me or the person in front of me, but he said “calm down and it will get easier”. Whoever it was aimed at, I took his advise! Running fast is hard for me. Maybe it’s just as hard for everyone else, but I’m not sure if it’s because of my size, my stride, my head – whatever it is – it’s SO hard for me. Once I calmed myself though, I was ready to settle in for a good run. The first two miles ticked off and I was averaging right around 7:00 pace. Perfect. However, the course got much harder from there. Miles 2-5 pretty much sucked, with long stretches of uphill. I thought this run course was very very hilly all around. I was fading pretty hard by mile 4/5 but I held on to what I could, which wasn’t much. My goal was a 44 minute run and I failed miserably at that, but I met my goal of a top 10, by the skin of my teeth.

Overall – 2:30:05 – 3rd open / 6th female

3rd open sounds “great”. But 6th female is not so great. I have a lot of work to do, especially before Eagleman. Many of the things I’ll be working on don’t even include swimming, biking or running, they are just logistical things that I think overall, cost me about 45 sec – 1 min today. In a “shorter” race, that is/can be detrimental. Work to be done!

Off to race Noda Grand Prix!!!

Lowe’s Motor Speedway TT – Week #1


So this year I decided to sign up for the Lowe’s time trial series as a way to measure my fitness throughout the season.  Given I’m training with power now, I thought it would be a good to basically do a power test monthly to see how I’m progressing as Worlds approaches in October.

The first event was last night, a chillier-than-it-has-been and very windy night.  I knew what to expect, but also didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve done plenty of 20 min power tests on the CT so I knew generally how “bad” I should feel.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time at Lowe’s since Dawn used to race (cars) there.  But this was my first actual TT there.

Dawn was great enough, as always, to come up with me.  We got there about 6:45, I did a quick 20-ish minute warm up and we headed to the start line.

A few seconds later, I was off.  I have nothing really to report, good or bad, about the 10 mile ride.  Yes it was windy, yes, it was pretty painful, but the “pain” was certainly manageable which tells me I didn’t go hard enough.  I definitely went hard, don’t get me wrong, but the end result was a generally modest effort, when I had planned more of an all out effort.  I’m not really sure why.  My most recent tested threshold watts are 262 and I rode last night at 254, below where I planned to.  My average heart rate was 172, my threshold heart rate is 186, so I certainly could have pushed harder from that perspective as well.  Note to self, go harder.

That said, I rode a 23:55 or 25.1mph and took 2nd place for the females behind one of my favorite teammates, Hannah Miller!  I told Hannah today I’m ok to take 2nd to her, but to anyone else I’d be pissed 🙂  I was only somewhat kidding.

The results are here:  http://carolinatt.org/v4/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/2012-Event-1-Prelim-Web.pdf

Here’s a quick video Dawn took at the finish.

I’m excited to do more of these events, hopefully with a  bit less wind.  I feel like I’ve been running and swimming all winter which starts to wear on my psyche and I wonder why I do this sport, sometimes.  It was a fun opener to time trial riding, which commences Saturday at Belews lake.  I’m ready for tri season because I’m tired of all my weaknesses being so exposed 🙂

A Free Trip to NY? …OK!


A week or two ago, my friend Lindsey who works at WSOC TV here in Charlotte, sent me an email with the link to enter a drawing for a free trip to NY.  The trip includes roundtrip airfair for 2, a hotel and tickets to see the filming of Dr. Oz.  I normally would have ignored such email but I thought Lindsey might get “credit” of some sort if she got lots of people to sign up, so I spent the 9 seconds it took to register and moved on with my life.

Well, I won!

I got an email from a representative from the station yesterday which I immediately though was spam.  However, given I recently had registered for the contest which was mentioned in the subject, I read through and could tell that it actually was for real.  I am not one of those people who wins stuff; I didn’t even win the mega millions lottery last week, if you can believe that?   I thought my odds were good at 1 in 176,000,000.  Oh wait, I guess I had to buy a ticket to be eligible to win.  😉

Anyway, the show tapes on Friday, May 11th on Lexington and 51st in NY.  Given everything Dawn does for me, naturally I would take her, BUT, she has a commitment Friday night not to mention she’s been to NY plenty of times – we grew up there!  As it turns out, I was  JUST talking to Emily this past weekend about how she’d still never been to NY.  So in a funny twist of fate, she and I will be going!  We’ll be flying up after work on Thursday and having a nice dinner and head out on the town.  The show doesn’t tape till 3pm on Friday so we’ll have the whole morning to tool around as tourists in NY do and see some of the sites.  We are going to fly back late Friday night so I can get to training and because Emily has a newborn to see, but the quick getaway should be fun!

Maybe my usual horrific luck is turning around.  Let’s just hope my plane takes off on time, lands on time, and I’m present at the correct gate before it closes its doors!


On the go


Seems it is becoming a trend that I have time to provide updates about once or twice a week lately.  Which I hate but just have to accept.

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind as it is Sunday night and again I don’t think I’ve stopped moving, really, since last weekend.  After an early dismissal from work on Friday, my teammate Hannah and her husband Trey and I ventured to Winston Salem for our cycling teams pictures and our Sponsor dinner.  It was so great to see all of my teammates again and it was nice to be with our Sponsors who make our team possible.  Most of the team was staying in Winston that night to get up and ride the next day, but after the events of last weekend and being out of town, I just needed to be home in  my own bed.

We got home about 11 and I think I was asleep by 11:05.  I threw my clothes all over my closet, got in my jammies, and hit the sheets in some serious record time.  I usually spend 10-15 minutes when I get in bad at night catching up on stuff on my phone and I didn’t even look at my phone.  I was out cold.  I finally emerged at about 9 but was honestly still feeling a bit groggy.  It was pretty chilly out and I knew I wanted to do a slightly later morning run so I opted to hop back in bed.  THREE hours later, I emerged again at noon.  In shock that I was able to sleep so long, I hopped out of bed feeling like a dingy for wasting my favorite part of the weekend.  I clearly needed the rest though.

I decided to do a 2 hour run today.  I haven’t run over about 1:40 minutes since Boston last year, which ironically happened to have been exactly one year prior to the date.  I have two 70.3’s on the horizon and think a few 15/16 milers will be good for me mentally.  The weather was gorgeous and I was excited to run!  I will say, I’ve had better runs, but I did it and that’s what counts.  I did 2 miles easy, 1 mile at race pace, for the whole run.  I did take a lot of “breaks” for water, stopped to take my gel, stopped once to stretch, but ultimately I got the distance done.  All easy miles were right around 7:55, all “race pace” (70.3) miles were right around 7:25.  I’m not going into White Lake in a few weeks trying to run much faster than 1:40 because I just don’t think I’m there and I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.  I hope to be though by the time Eagleman rolls around.  With 15 miles under my legs, I took a quick ice bath, drank some recovery and showered up.

It has been about 2 weeks since I’d see little Brax so I needed some QT with him.  They had been to a birthday party that afternoon and Brax partied right through his nap.  By the time I got there, he was ready to sleep but there was a lot of action with the Masters and a bunch of people at Em and Scotts, so he wasn’t able to sleep so good.  He ended up being the most fussy I’d see him, but he was actually still very manageable.  I spent a long while around 7 with just me and him up in his room feeding him, rocking him to sleep, him waking up, rocking him back to sleep, etc.  They say “a sleeping baby is a sleepy baby” and it’s so true.  He was just plain overtired poor little guy.  Emily and I left him with Scott and grabbed a quick bit and it’s always good to sit and chat.  Was glad I got up there to see him.  Almost 3 months old!

Sunday started with an open water swim with my buddy Jim at my friends house at Lake Norman.  Their set up is perfect for open water swimming with the beach and the cove that they live in.  After today’s swim, I realize just how much I need to get up there more often.  The water was a tiny bit chilly to start but absolutely beautiful after we got going.   We got in about 2500 meters and our pace was pretty decent, but I must say, my sighting leaves something to be desired.

We did a pretty easy 25 mile ride after around Jetton Park and looked at the houses, chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I needed to ride longer but had to get wrapped up; my Dad’s sister and my Aunt and Uncle were both in town from NY and were at Dawn’s house for Easter with my cousin.  All in all, a great weekend of training; I was happy with how my legs felt on today’s ride despite a longer than normal run yesterday.

This week is looking pretty crazy, now that its finally here.  I’ll be doing the Wednesday night time trial at Charlotte Motor Speedway (or Lowe’s, or whatever its called this week) on Wednesday night.  10 miles, balls to the wall.  That should be interesting.

Saturday marks my first triathlon of the season – Belews Lake in Greensboro.  I’m everything I probably should be for my first race: nervous, anxious, scared, but most of all, excited.  It’s my first race in the “open” division and I think I’ve spent long enough mentally preparing myself to be the last one out of the water that if/when it actually happens, I’ll be okay with it.  Someone has to be last, right?  🙂  What I will not be is last on my bike.  I plan to launch my rocket into overdrive and ride my little tail off.  I will see how that bodes for my legs to run, but there’s no better way to test your limits a little then at a local race that, in the grand scheme of things, really “means nothing”.  I have bigger races on the horizon that I’m going to try to determine “how hard is too hard” over the next couple weeks.

One would think an all out time trial and a 2+ hour triathlon would cap off ones weekend of racing, but nope.  The fun continues on Sunday at 4:55pm with an all out 40 min crit race in NODA.  Its the first year of the event and I really want to participate since it’s a local event.  How my legs will feel is BEYOND me, but there’s only one way to find out!

So here’s to a fun weekend of lots of suffering on the horizon for me!  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter today with their family’s, friends or loved ones and I hope everyone is training hard!  See ya’ll on the race course.