The Update on my New Ride

So, I’ve now ridden my new bike about 150 miles; I think I have a pretty good feel for how it handles, rides, corners, etc.  To date, I have not one complaint!

The bike fits me like a glove; my positioning is extremely aerodynamic but also very very comfortable.  As I’ve said, the front handles much looser than my old bike so that has taken a little getting used.  Add in the Zipp Firecrest 808’s and it certainly takes some adjusting.  While I try to get a handle on the increased sensation of being thrown all around the road, I will be “that girl” riding her Zipp wheels on the Booty Loop – and I don’t care what people say or think  🙂

My favorite part of the bike, hands down, is how it fits but also how it looks.  It’s just pretty!  My 2nd favorite part of the bike is a tossup.  The Quarq is awesome because I’ve wanted to be able to train with power for quite some time.  I love analyzing the numbers at the end of a ride and love comparing speeds, to power, to HR.  BUT, the Di2 is flawless and the noise it makes shifting from small to big ring and vice versa is just badass, whether you know anything about bikes or not.  It sounds like a jet engine.

I will admit, I have finished every ride I’ve done on my bike somewhat in shock.  Clearly I did not substantially improve my cycling power/skills overnight; I accredit 100% of my speed improvements to the bike.  I’ve always been a moderately fast rider for a girl and I never in 100 years would think a bike would have the capability to increase someone’s riding speed quite so dramatically, but I’ve been pleasantly proven wrong.  Most every ride I’ve done on this bike has been well above 20mph range, with my power is exactly what I would expect based on tests on the computrainer.  Lasts nights average power of 193 watts bought me 22.1 mph…on the Booty Loop.  Again, I state these facts NOT to accentuate that I’m riding fast, but to explain just how fast this bike moves.  It’s just shocking to me.

So, now that I am over the sticker shock of what it costs to go 22.mph on the Booty Loop, I’m beyond grateful that I’ve been able to purchase such a luxury item (buyer’s remorse be gone) and also grateful that I will be a super speedy rider J

First race is T-10 days and I’ll be sure to report how she does for me on the race course – the true test!


One Response to The Update on my New Ride

  1. Stu Waring says:

    Sweet! I am thrilled that we could pull it all together for you. I had no doubts about the fit or performance! Go fast!

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