On the go

Seems it is becoming a trend that I have time to provide updates about once or twice a week lately.  Which I hate but just have to accept.

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind as it is Sunday night and again I don’t think I’ve stopped moving, really, since last weekend.  After an early dismissal from work on Friday, my teammate Hannah and her husband Trey and I ventured to Winston Salem for our cycling teams pictures and our Sponsor dinner.  It was so great to see all of my teammates again and it was nice to be with our Sponsors who make our team possible.  Most of the team was staying in Winston that night to get up and ride the next day, but after the events of last weekend and being out of town, I just needed to be home in  my own bed.

We got home about 11 and I think I was asleep by 11:05.  I threw my clothes all over my closet, got in my jammies, and hit the sheets in some serious record time.  I usually spend 10-15 minutes when I get in bad at night catching up on stuff on my phone and I didn’t even look at my phone.  I was out cold.  I finally emerged at about 9 but was honestly still feeling a bit groggy.  It was pretty chilly out and I knew I wanted to do a slightly later morning run so I opted to hop back in bed.  THREE hours later, I emerged again at noon.  In shock that I was able to sleep so long, I hopped out of bed feeling like a dingy for wasting my favorite part of the weekend.  I clearly needed the rest though.

I decided to do a 2 hour run today.  I haven’t run over about 1:40 minutes since Boston last year, which ironically happened to have been exactly one year prior to the date.  I have two 70.3’s on the horizon and think a few 15/16 milers will be good for me mentally.  The weather was gorgeous and I was excited to run!  I will say, I’ve had better runs, but I did it and that’s what counts.  I did 2 miles easy, 1 mile at race pace, for the whole run.  I did take a lot of “breaks” for water, stopped to take my gel, stopped once to stretch, but ultimately I got the distance done.  All easy miles were right around 7:55, all “race pace” (70.3) miles were right around 7:25.  I’m not going into White Lake in a few weeks trying to run much faster than 1:40 because I just don’t think I’m there and I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.  I hope to be though by the time Eagleman rolls around.  With 15 miles under my legs, I took a quick ice bath, drank some recovery and showered up.

It has been about 2 weeks since I’d see little Brax so I needed some QT with him.  They had been to a birthday party that afternoon and Brax partied right through his nap.  By the time I got there, he was ready to sleep but there was a lot of action with the Masters and a bunch of people at Em and Scotts, so he wasn’t able to sleep so good.  He ended up being the most fussy I’d see him, but he was actually still very manageable.  I spent a long while around 7 with just me and him up in his room feeding him, rocking him to sleep, him waking up, rocking him back to sleep, etc.  They say “a sleeping baby is a sleepy baby” and it’s so true.  He was just plain overtired poor little guy.  Emily and I left him with Scott and grabbed a quick bit and it’s always good to sit and chat.  Was glad I got up there to see him.  Almost 3 months old!

Sunday started with an open water swim with my buddy Jim at my friends house at Lake Norman.  Their set up is perfect for open water swimming with the beach and the cove that they live in.  After today’s swim, I realize just how much I need to get up there more often.  The water was a tiny bit chilly to start but absolutely beautiful after we got going.   We got in about 2500 meters and our pace was pretty decent, but I must say, my sighting leaves something to be desired.

We did a pretty easy 25 mile ride after around Jetton Park and looked at the houses, chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I needed to ride longer but had to get wrapped up; my Dad’s sister and my Aunt and Uncle were both in town from NY and were at Dawn’s house for Easter with my cousin.  All in all, a great weekend of training; I was happy with how my legs felt on today’s ride despite a longer than normal run yesterday.

This week is looking pretty crazy, now that its finally here.  I’ll be doing the Wednesday night time trial at Charlotte Motor Speedway (or Lowe’s, or whatever its called this week) on Wednesday night.  10 miles, balls to the wall.  That should be interesting.

Saturday marks my first triathlon of the season – Belews Lake in Greensboro.  I’m everything I probably should be for my first race: nervous, anxious, scared, but most of all, excited.  It’s my first race in the “open” division and I think I’ve spent long enough mentally preparing myself to be the last one out of the water that if/when it actually happens, I’ll be okay with it.  Someone has to be last, right?  🙂  What I will not be is last on my bike.  I plan to launch my rocket into overdrive and ride my little tail off.  I will see how that bodes for my legs to run, but there’s no better way to test your limits a little then at a local race that, in the grand scheme of things, really “means nothing”.  I have bigger races on the horizon that I’m going to try to determine “how hard is too hard” over the next couple weeks.

One would think an all out time trial and a 2+ hour triathlon would cap off ones weekend of racing, but nope.  The fun continues on Sunday at 4:55pm with an all out 40 min crit race in NODA.  Its the first year of the event and I really want to participate since it’s a local event.  How my legs will feel is BEYOND me, but there’s only one way to find out!

So here’s to a fun weekend of lots of suffering on the horizon for me!  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter today with their family’s, friends or loved ones and I hope everyone is training hard!  See ya’ll on the race course.

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