A Free Trip to NY? …OK!

A week or two ago, my friend Lindsey who works at WSOC TV here in Charlotte, sent me an email with the link to enter a drawing for a free trip to NY.  The trip includes roundtrip airfair for 2, a hotel and tickets to see the filming of Dr. Oz.  I normally would have ignored such email but I thought Lindsey might get “credit” of some sort if she got lots of people to sign up, so I spent the 9 seconds it took to register and moved on with my life.

Well, I won!

I got an email from a representative from the station yesterday which I immediately though was spam.  However, given I recently had registered for the contest which was mentioned in the subject, I read through and could tell that it actually was for real.  I am not one of those people who wins stuff; I didn’t even win the mega millions lottery last week, if you can believe that?   I thought my odds were good at 1 in 176,000,000.  Oh wait, I guess I had to buy a ticket to be eligible to win.  😉

Anyway, the show tapes on Friday, May 11th on Lexington and 51st in NY.  Given everything Dawn does for me, naturally I would take her, BUT, she has a commitment Friday night not to mention she’s been to NY plenty of times – we grew up there!  As it turns out, I was  JUST talking to Emily this past weekend about how she’d still never been to NY.  So in a funny twist of fate, she and I will be going!  We’ll be flying up after work on Thursday and having a nice dinner and head out on the town.  The show doesn’t tape till 3pm on Friday so we’ll have the whole morning to tool around as tourists in NY do and see some of the sites.  We are going to fly back late Friday night so I can get to training and because Emily has a newborn to see, but the quick getaway should be fun!

Maybe my usual horrific luck is turning around.  Let’s just hope my plane takes off on time, lands on time, and I’m present at the correct gate before it closes its doors!


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