Happy Wedding Shannon and Mike

Hello fellow blog world.  I am resurfacing after yet another crazy busy week.  I haven’t blogged in so long I don’t even know where I left off and I really can’t even remember what I did last week!

This past weekend, however, I flew to Cleveland bright and early on Friday morning to meet up with all of my bestest friends and watch another one of my greatest friends get hitched!  We arrived very very early Friday morning and spent the day tooling around Cleveland.  Which of course included stopping downtown for a few libations.

After checking into the hotel about 2pm, I decided since we didn’t have much to do until dinner, so I would take a quick nap and then hit the treadmill for a short run.  I was passed out by about 2:45 and when my phone started ringing at 6:15 I almost had a heart attack….I was still dead asleep!  Apparently I was pretty tired.  My friends were awesome and understanding enough to let me get a quick 4 mile run in before dinner and I was appreciative of that.  I always seem to have great runs when I’m in a hurry and this one was one of my best!  Four friends and I had an awesome Italian dinner at a place within walking distance from our hotel and we ended the night next door at a little bar having a few drinks.  I took it very easy Friday though because I knew I had to get a long run done Saturday.

I was asleep by midnight and given my 3 hour nap, I planned to be up at 7:30 or so running by 8.  The girls and I planned to meet for breakfast about 10 am and I knew I’d have no problems getting my 13 miles in by then and still be ready.   Heart attack #2 occurred the next morning when I awoke at 10:15 to my phone ringing yet again!   Now I know I need a lot of rest, and I know I go go go all day, every day, but one thing I make sure of is to get my sleep.  Sad as it is, I’m asleep by no later than 10pm pretty much every night, and most nights, probably earlier.  I have no no idea why I was such a sleepy-head in Cleveland other than my room was a cave and it was chilly, which is perfect sleeping conditions.

Nonetheless, I unfortunately had to skip out on breakfast with the gang to get my run done before the wedding, which we had to leave for just 3 or so hours after I woke up!  The other factor I hadn’t mentioned is it was 40 degrees while we were up there, and pouring rain on Saturday.  I packed tank tops and shorts to run in, which pretty much ruled out any outdoor running.  So, to the treadmill I headed for the next  100 minutes (when you state it in terms of minutes, it doesn’t actually sound that bad).

I had a great run!  As dorky as this sounds, the gym’s hotel had my favorite kind of treadmill and I was excited when I saw it on Friday.  Maybe its just me, but some treadmills make me feel slower than others – maybe something to do with the belts?  Some just feel harder to run on?  I ended up getting in 13.25 miles right at 1:40.  I did a good interval set with some easy running and several miles worth at tempo so I was overall pleased at the pace.  I also did something I never do.  I didn’t eat anything before my run…primarily because I didn’t have anything to eat and the hotel restaurant was closed, but I also thought it would be good training for the 2 halfs I have coming up to run on an empty tummy.  I had a gel before I started and lots of water.  To my surprise, I wasn’t totally bonking 10 miles in.

I’m certain anyone reading this who knows anything about training and know that I’m doing While Lake 70.3 in 6 days is wondering why on earth I would be running 13 miles 7 days prior.  Yes, a valid concern.  I’ve been traveling a TON lately.  I haven’t had time for very much distance training.  My last long ride was literally March 26th (thank you Training Peaks for that knowledge).  I’ve gotten some decent run miles in but not 70.3 run miles.  And certainly not 70.3 riding miles.  As much as I know it was too close to the race to run that far, the mental factor of having at least one good long run pre-race outweighed my ability to recover from the run in a shorter than desired time.  I do plan to go and race as hard as I can this weekend (I would never say a race was “just a training day”), but I’m treating this race as truly more of a “tune up” for Eagleman for me.  I’m 100% certain I can swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 and run 13.1.  How it will feel to piece that all together when I haven’t done much of that lately will be the key element and I hope to “not suck” that bad.  🙂

Off my soap box, I finished up running and stretching at 12:45 and had to be in the lobby ready for the wedding at 1:15.  Being able to get ready quick is one of the things I am most thankful about in my life, honestly.  I was ready in no time and we were headed to the wedding.

No one ran from the alter, the ceremony wrapped up in just over an hour and we headed to the reception.  I had a blast!  My toes hurt a bit from my run, but after several cocktails, nothing hurt 🙂  We danced our little butts off and had a great time doing it.

We had a later flight on Sunday so we killed some time eating around Cleveland and boogied to the airport.  We were home by about 6:00 and I immediately changed and hopped on my bike.  It was beautiful out, particularly after the 40 degree weather in Cleveland all weekend, and I knew a ride would be just what I needed to snap out of my tired, not-feeling-that-well, grumpy mood.  And I was right!  I had a great ride, 33 or so  miles solo around the Booty Loop just reflecting on the weekend, taking in all the people walking dogs, running, riding, eating outside, and enjoying the Carolina sun.  It was one of my favorite Booty Loop rides ever.

I do come home from this weekend so happy for my friends Shannon and Mike, but also somewhat “shell-shocked” that Shannon is the last of my “college girlfriends” to get married…well, besides me.  It definitely struck me harder than I thought this weekend.  Being surrounded by the love between my friends, their husbands and now, their babies, is something I hope dearly to have one day.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to love the life I have at this moment 🙂  All in all, it was a great weekend of training and fun!  Congrats Shannon and Mike – Love you guys!

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