Leg Disaster Update

So two days post White Lake debacle and my leg is feeling 90% better.  In fact, it felt 70% better about 30 minutes after I quit the race as the Advil I took in T2 started kicking in.  It was stiff and sore Sunday but nothing like mile 35-56 during the race!   It felt good enough when I got home from White Lake on Sunday afternoon to try it out for a ride.  Surprisingly enough, it felt 100% fine while riding…for 2 hours!?  I put tape over the valve on my wheel cover and I have no clue if that  contributed Saturday but I didn’t feel a bit of pain yesterday.  I even did a 2 mile t-run to further test it and had zero issues.  SO VERY WEIRD.

However, I went to yoga this morning and I could definitely feel it.  I took it very very easy in class and skipped a few poses that were not feeling right.  The rest of my body thanked me for some good stretching; I haven’t made it to yoga in 2 weeks and my tight muscles were reminding me daily!

I saw Dr. Kahn today as my buddy Dr. Greenapple is in Boulder; he did wonders for me!  The entire left side of my adductor / hip flexor / glute / psoas are a total disaster.  They are so tight he could hardly get any movement during A.R.T., but after some laser therapy and some work with the “jackhammer,” as I like to call it, I left with a go-go-gadget leg feeling much less stiff and tight.

Very, very sexy

I ran ~7 miles tonight and felt no pain at all.  I took a nice long ice bath after (actually, it was short, but it felt like an eternity) and I think I’m gonna pull through.  🙂  I think Saturday was simply just a fluke.  I’ll be doing a 3-4 hour ride this weekend so I’ll be curious to see how it will feel with some longer distance.  More to come!  Thanks for checking in everyone 🙂

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