NYC and Dr. Oz

So I’m a little late getting this up here but I guess it’s better late than never! Check back next week for pictures 🙂

Last Thursday my best friend Emily and I flew to NY as I had won a free trip to see a taping of the Dr. Oz show from a contest that my friend told me to register for at WSOC TV.

The 2 days were a total whirlwind but we ended up having a really really great time! We arrived just after 8pm and took a cab to our friend from college’s house, Allison, in the West Village. We downed a quick glass of necessary wine and headed to a late dinner at Joseph Leonard which Allison’s boyfriend owns and is a chef and happens to be downstairs from their apartment! After a long dinner, we headed to our hotel to get some shut eye for the busy day we’d planned Friday. Thank you so much Deiboldt for ALL of your help and accommodations!

I got up about 6:30 (after a 1pm bedtime, zzzz) and squeezed in a good 4 ½ mile tempo run and some strength before waking Emily up to head out. We were out and about by about 8:15 and on the train to Battery Park! There, we saw the Statue of Liberty and then toured the World Trade Center Museum after seeing other sites along the way. The museum brought tears to my eyes remembering not only all of the victims, but my high school friends father in particular. Thank heavens for sunglasses. We both had a hard time picturing what the streets we were walking on were like the day the buildings were attacked. Still such a sad event.

After a delicious, very-appropriate NY bagel for breakfast, we were back on the train heading to 42nd Street which brings you to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue (Saks, Trump Towers, Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, etc) – somewhat the “heart of NY”. We were also able to stop by the CNBC Experience store, where we would later pick up our tickets for Dr. Oz. I was glad to scope out the pickup location as to not be too rushed pre-show. Around 12:30 we hurriedly headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and to get ready. Of course, we had to stop on the way for street hot dogs! You can’t do NYC without a trip to the hot dog vendor. We were both less than impressed with the type of onions used on our typical favorite dog with ketchup and onions, but they sufficed as a quick lunch nonetheless.

So my “Dr. Oz” debut goes something like so.

Last week, I received an email asking if anyone would like to participate on the show and offered 3 potential topics. I told them participating would be fun but the topics, chest acne, cankles and something I can’t remember, didn’t apply to me. They asked me to send a picture and some info about myself and then responded with a 4th potential topic, people who have tried every fad diet to no avail, which also didn’t apply to me. When I replied that I had not, in fact, tried a fad diet, the producer called me about 10 minutes later. She stated that they wanted to make it work to get me on the show and would think of a topic that would apply. She asked for a few more tidbits about myself and we hung up.

Fast forward to picking up tickets, I am approached by one of the guest-coordinators for the show who says she was told to look out for me. She asks if I’d like to participate in a quick, non-speaking yoga segment with Dr. Oz at the end of the show. Perfect! Non-speaking being the key element – I get very shy on camera and my voice sounds like a mouse. After being told I had to leave Emily and go back stage, I was in hair and makeup (ha) and learning my “yoga dance” within the next hour. What felt like forever later, I was able to re-join Emily in the crowd, who had been seated front and center for the taping of the show. I mean FRONT and CENTER.

In the back of lots of footage!

They filmed 7 segments which will air on 2 separate shows (Dr. Oz had to change shirts). My segment was the last to be filmed and trust me when I say, it was very quick. I might be on stage for 20 seconds, at most. I got to stand next to Dr. Oz as he demonstrated a quick yoga sequence that can be used to de-stress at night or in the morning. To demonstrate, he asked for some help from “these two lovely ladies in the audience”. Myself and another volunteer went through the 5 poses two times totaling 10-20 seconds. Nobody get too excited.

Thankfully shaving armpits is part of my daily shower

Our show was supposed to air in the next “1-2 weeks” per the producer, and based on the schedule on the Dr. Oz website, it doesn’t look like it it’ll be this week. I don’t have a clue when the 2nd show that they filmed segments for will air because I don’t know what the “main topic” will be. Look for Dr. Oz in a peach shirt for that one. 🙂 The topic of ours will be Foods that Fight Cancer.

We left the studio about 5:30pm and had to scurry quickly to the airport for our 8pm flight; we were both so wiped out from the long morning and sitting for a long time at the taping. I wish we could have stayed longer but all in all it was a really fun experience and Emily was the perfect candidate for it. She loves touristy stuff and what better place to do that than in NYC! She couldn’t get over how BIG the city is and how many people were everywhere, at all hours of the day and night. She got to hear lots of honking, ride the train at commuter hour, see steam out the subway grates, experience taxi drivers at their finest, eat bagels, street-vendor hot dogs AND even a slice of NY pizza for dinner (how appropriate!), and see lots of the famous sites that NYC has to offer. Even though I’d been there and done it all before, it was still great to do it again, especially with a first-timer!

So that’s my TV debut in a nutshell. It is much less exciting that I decided to make it out to be, but still a very cool experience.

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